Zeco Aircon to create a safe space against infection in ITC Hotel Properties

New Delhi [India], Aug. 6 (ANI/NewsVoir): O2 Cure, the renowned provider of air purification solutions under Zeco Aircon Limited, has extended its support to ITC Hotels Group in providing a safe environment for its customers in the midst and after a pandemic, by making its properties immune to airborne infections such as influenza. Microbes and viruses spread from one person to another. According to the association, Zeco Aircon has equipped more than 20 ITC hotels in India with more than 650 PHI cells (Photovoltaic Ionization Technology) to purify 150 million feet of air.

RGF (US-based environmental design and manufacturing company) patented active PHI-Cell purification technology Successfully tested on MRSA, Swine Flu-H1N1, Avian Flu, Norwalk, SARS-CoV-1, MERS and SARS-CoV-2 viruses by 99 percent and 97.48 percent by Bio Analysis Laboratories, USA and CCMB CSIR, India, respectively. This technology is capable of eliminating airborne pathogens. While airborne microbes spread using air as a medium, PHI-Cell technology uses the same method for decontamination. It is one of the few technologies tested by global virology laboratories to neutralize the deadly virus in the air and on surfaces.

Additional testing by the California Virology Laboratory showed that it can neutralize the effect of sneezing up to 3 feet away by an average of 99 percent, making it the most advanced active filtration technology. Furthermore, the product’s efficacy is tested and approved by the IIT for public health safety and IAQ maintenance.

ITC Hotels has made many efforts to provide a safe and healthy environment for its customers, as in May 2021 it was awarded the Platinum Level Certificate in Infection Risk Management from Norway-based DNV, becoming the first hotel chain in the world to obtain a credible certificate. ITC uses Protected Health Information Technology in conjunction with other technologies for the health and safety of its sponsors and employees. Since the outbreak, Zeco through O2 Cure has been relentlessly working to improve air quality and protect people from pollutants such as particulates, allergens, microbes and other airborne diseases in all sectors, from hospitality and education to information technology, healthcare and the public. places, public transportation, and more, with its incomparable solutions.

They want the country and the economy to prosper, and they are willing to provide the means to keep everyone healthy. The pandemic has had a severe impact on the hospitality sector, coming to a sudden halt.

The O2 Cure solution has helped ITC hotels enhance their hygiene and safety standards and neutralize cross infection, one of the main reasons for social distancing during the pandemic, which is now of paramount importance. Closed buildings are at high risk due to sick building syndrome and air recirculation. Protected Health Information Technology, with more than three decades of successfully tested data, will be able to meet this need and help keep the hotel free of cross-contamination.

The first samples were taken at Summit property, ITC Maurya, Delhi, and extensive on-site testing was performed by NABL accredited laboratories. Considering the promising results, efficacy, sustainable life and maintenance-free service costs of the product, it has been deployed in 22 different major ITC hotels across the country, keeping restaurants, lobbies and other public areas as a top priority. Commenting on the association, Kartik Singhal, founder of O2 Cure and Managing Director, Zeco Aircon Limited (a member of IAQA, ISHRAE, and ASHRAE), said: “Hospitality as a sector has great potential. But the pandemic has imposed certain restrictions. Upgrading its health protocol under the “WeAssure” program to create greater customer confidence, and demonstrate higher standards in health, hygiene and safety.The well-being of customers and partners is of paramount importance to ITC Hotels.Indigenous experiences are what made each ITC hotel unique.It has been Franchise to meet the precautionary requirements of one of India’s leading luxury hotel chains. Joining this cause and in combination with a highly qualified team, we have been able to install more than 650 units in multiple locations in a six month span. We are committed to providing the best and best technology to improve air quality in India.”

Zeco Aircon Limited is a leading Indian manufacturer of air management systems. Besides central air conditioning, they have the largest range of indoor air quality technologies and products on a global platform. The company has set standards in terms of innovation, reliability and sustainability to meet the demands of changing environmental conditions. With a vision to achieve global sustainability goals and maintain ecological balance, Zeco has introduced a vertical air filtration system under its “O2 Cure” brand to provide a complete personal solution with a variety of air filtration technologies.

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