YouTube boxing star Deji lost over 35 pounds after dropping out of ‘stag do’ training camp

The British social media star is looking for his first win tonight when he faces Alex Wasabi at the OVO Arena Wembley, and it’s clear he’s been in the business.

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Deji responds to Jack Paul’s taunting ‘Idiot’ before boxing returns

YouTube star Deji’s coaches treated his training camp last summer’s fight with Vinnie Hacker “like a stag,” according to strength and conditioning coach Leon Wells.

Muay Thai expert Wills was part of the AnEsonGib team when they quarantined in Mexico with Deji, and noted there were problems with his training before the Briton lost in a humiliating way to the TikTok star.

The YouTuber has since completely changed his training regimen and lost a significant amount of weight in an effort to prepare for tonight’s episode comeback against Alex Wassabi at the OVO Arena Wembley.

And that change was necessary according to Wills, who said he watched disbelief while the social media star struggled to focus before his last outing.

“Finally, he takes boxing very seriously,” Wells said. mirror fight before the battle. “His last fight was a terrible performance.

Deji fights Alex Wasabi tonight


show star boxing

“The funny thing is, I was in Mexico with him and his team because I was coaching Jeep and I was seeing them coach him and they were looking forward to ‘Damn, you cheated!'”

“These people didn’t care about him, he didn’t look like a boxer, he was filthy and all over, eating him was wrong, I think they were sneaking pizza into him.

“It was crazy, but now he has a good team around him and mentally the switch has flipped.

“This team looked like they were on stag hands, they were in the pub every night chasing the birds around.

“Deji’s girlfriend seemed like his personal trainer, she was in the gym with him, running, on the bike, she was more with him than his team.”

At that time, the British said mirror fight That he felt “more mobile,” though he admitted his weight from his previous fight with Jake Paul.

“I definitely take him out in the first or second round at 100 percent,” he said in the run-up to the Buccaneers fight.

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“I’m heavier now [than the Jake Paul fight]but I’m definitely more flexible on my feet.

“It’s strange to say, but when I was lighter I wasn’t as mobile as I am now.”

But he now says he wasn’t taking the fight seriously at the time, and vowed to be a different man when he encounters Wasabi.

He seemed like a changing man on the scales at the scales last night, tipping the scales as low as 168 pounds.

“When I weighed in at 183 lbs, I refueled and came to 93 kg, so I weighed about 205 lbs,” Deji said before his fight. “It wasn’t perfect.

“I don’t underestimate Alex Wasabi, I did it in the last two fights and ended up losing, so I won’t underestimate any of his strength.

“He might bring something to the table and we’ll see it on Saturday night.”

Tickets are now on sale on and via AXS for Showstar Boxing 2022, which will be titled Deji vs Alex Wassabi.

If you’re outside the UK, you can watch the fight on PPV via the Showstar website for £6.99.

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