Your washing machine may have mold and mildew that you didn’t know

Have you ever wondered why your freshly washed clothes smell like? This may be due to your washing machine.

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You probably do your laundry once a week, but when do you actually clean the washing machine? Many homeowners tend to neglect their washing machines, which leads to unpleasant odors.

This is because your washer may have an abundance of mold and mildew already, leaving your washer dirty and your clothes smelling bad.

Your washing machine needs a good scrub regularly, especially if you notice a sulfur smell.

do not worry; Here are some of the ways you can kill mold and bacteria in your washing machine:

Empty the washing machine from the water.

If you notice a sulfur smell, the first thing you should do is empty your washer of any water left in the tub. Using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, dry the washer completely.

Remove the lid from the washer and use a brush to gently rub the gasket around the lid and tub where the lid rests. You should also use a brush to clean the inner walls of the washing machine. You can use a washing machine cleaning solution or diluted bleach.

Use a cleaning agent that does no harm to rubber seals.

If the smell persists, you may have to replace the gasket around the cap and replace the seal. If the smell persists, you may have to replace the rubber seals and gasket.

Be sure to let the washer dry.

Sometimes, if you don’t clean the inside of the washing machine quickly enough, mildew and mildew can grow inside the drum and cause a bad washer smell.

The best way to avoid this is to let the washer dry for two or three days.

During this period, you should not use the washing machine. Once cleaned, any washing machine detergent should be washed in the washing machine before using it again.

When the washer is completely dry, you can turn it back on and run it through a cycle without any clothes inside. This gets rid of the smell inside the washing machine.

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Make sure to keep the lid closed.

If you notice a sulfur smell when you open the lid of your washer, you should make sure to keep the lid closed. This helps prevent mold and mildew from growing inside the washer.

It is very important to keep your washing machine clean to ensure it lasts longer. You may have spent a lot of money buying a washing machine, so it is worth spending some time and effort to keep it clean.

Make sure to clean your washer regularly so you don’t have to deal with a smelly washer.

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