Your Next Car’s Screens Might Disappear

How far will technology take us into the future of cars? The next big thing you could find inside your new vehicle is one of the weirdest things we’ve seen yet. As trends continue to change, we’re used to seeing massive infotainment screens taking up most of the front dashboard of every modern vehicle. However, that’s all about to change. Your next car’s screens might disappear without a trace, according to KBB.

A screen that disappears is coming to your car soon

ShyTech Display disappearing screen | Continental AG

According to KBB, a German automotive supplier, Continental AG, is pitching the idea to automakers. As the driver pulls into their destination, a voice says, “You have arrived at your destination,” then the directions displayed on the screen vanish, leaving nothing but wood or leather across the dash. Continental wants that to happen in the future, and KBB says automakers tend to listen to the German company.

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