Your interior design aesthetic, based on your Enneagram

Thanks to social media, our daily lives are flooded with design ideas. In any given Instagram profile, you can encounter an immaculately decorated room that positively blocks you in your tracks. You may like the style, but is it You are? It can be hard to tell the difference between an aesthetic you already know and a simple case of design sense. But this is where Enneagram can help you. Each of the nine personality types has distinct preferences and inclinations that can easily translate into crafting the perfect aesthetic for your home. Not sure which style suits you best? Here’s the truest interior design aesthetic for you, based on your Enneagram type.


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The house of the first type must be polished and assembled as is. A huge fan of order and balance, this Enneagram gravitates to a simple, elegant aesthetic. Neutral colors and plenty of storage will keep her space clean and organized, and you won’t find a bunch of unnecessary things cluttering up the space. Instead, reformers are more willing to decorate their home with carefully selected, sustainably sourced furniture and décor that shows their desire to make the world a better place.


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The second kind, the friendly and lovable type is all about it mi casa es su casa vibration. Their interior design aesthetic is warm, welcoming, and serene. They’re always ready to make guests feel right at home with plenty of plush pillows, fuzzy blankets, and maybe an oversized armchair or two.


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One thing about the triads genre? Their home will look Good. We’re talking high-end furniture, trendy accessories, art sets, books, or anything else that suits their taste. Always up to date on the latest trends, Achiever has a fresh and contemporary style that is bound to impress anyone who walks in the door.


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The single quadrilateral type does not quite fit the squares of the described patterns. Their colorful and eclectic aesthetics are based on what they like, rather than any design trends or rules. With a flair for drama, this Enneagram will thrive between bold colors, mismatched patterns, vintage finds, and unique and personal accessories.

mid modern century

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Very independent and thoughtful, Type Fives need their own personal space, but they won’t make too much of a fuss about design. Their practical approach to decorating prioritizes function and comfort, and no style sums this up more than mid-century modern. Give them an Eames lounge chair and a shelf full of books, and the fifth kind will be a total guarantee.


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The loyalist certainly isn’t the type to drop everything and redesign every time a new trend emerges. Longing for a sense of security and stability, Type VI gravitates naturally toward the familiar comforts of traditional style. Solid wood furniture, warm colors, and natural materials like leather help reinforce the idea that their home is their sanctuary.


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Type Sevens thrives in a space that shows off its spontaneous, fun-loving side. Their extreme off-the-cuff style is colourful, personal, and maybe a little messy (in the best way!). The seven love to layer accessories with framed photos and mementos from their travels, and their homes are a true representation of their adventurous spirit.

Modern Glam

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With a “go home or go home” approach to decorating, Type Eights appreciates high drama and a charming aesthetic. They are not afraid to take some design risks, and their confidence and great personality easily shine in their homes. Saturated colors, glossy finishes, and luxurious materials such as velvet and marble are hints of lavish décor.


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A happy medium between traditional and modern styles, the transitional design aesthetic is specifically designed for the Nines. This timeless aesthetic matches the peacemaker’s need for a harmonious environment while reflecting their friendly, down-to-earth personality. The soft texture and eye-soothing color palette enhance the calm ambiance.

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