Xcite Automotive has been named Vehicle Imaging Provider for General Motors CarBravo and has been added to the GM Dealer Digital Solutions Program.

Xcite Automotive will provide GM dealerships with standardized vehicle imaging services

ChicagoAnd the August 18 2022 /PRNewswire/- ChicagoXcite Automotive, a leader in digital automotive imaging, today announced its selection as the photography provider for General Motors’ CarBravo, GM (GM) used vehicle shopping platform. Xcite Automotive has also been added to the General Motors Digital Dealer Solutions (DDS) program. Xcite Automotive’s comprehensive vehicle marketing services and software solutions are now “GM in Market Retail (iMR)” approved.

As an authorized turnkey vendor, Xcite Automotive meets all of GM’s brand requirements and is able to provide GM dealers with the ability to pay for vehicle marketing products and services with iMR funds. All products are also eligible for matching money. Xcite Automotive products available through the program include Xcite Photo Capture Service, Xcite 360 ​​Capture Service, Frontline Inventory Platform, Window Stickers and Xcode Vehicle Texting.

“Xcite’s vehicle marketing products and services are designed to enhance efficiency, ultimately helping dealers equip front-line vehicles in the most efficient, high-quality manner,” Xcite said. Phil Benton, CEO of Xcite Automotive. “GM dealers will also benefit from Xcite’s scope, data insights, quality assurance teams, and local management teams supporting our field team.”

Xcite Automotive employs a team of over 500 trained photographers, called Frontliners. The team spreads across United State, working on loads of dealerships to take photos and videos and 360 laps in the ever-changing vehicle inventory. Xcite also consults with merchants on marketing best practices and provides software solutions to assist with inventory management. Furthermore, Xcite assists dealers in displaying OEM vehicle build data through the use of option values ​​posted on their website, third-party marketplaces, and display on window stickers. Xcite Automotive has also developed unique window printing services that integrate QR codes and text messages at scale. The Xcite field team is also highly trained and experienced in the use of GM’s preferred 360 technology provider.

About Xcite Cars

Xcite Automotive is a fast-growing auto service and software-based company that helps dealers get their vehicles ready on the front lines quickly and efficiently. Since 2007, Xcite Automotive has been on a mission to make the automotive industry faster, more innovative and profitable. More than 1,300 auto dealers nationwide now rely on Xcite’s team of 500 employees to provide on-site vehicle photos and videos and 360-degree image capture services. Xcite also provides vehicle-specific digital marketing and point-of-purchase content through its PureVin and Xcode software products. The products are integrated with powerful in-house window sticker software and many dealership location providers. Xcite also recently launched Reconlogic, which provides vehicle detailing, refurbishment, and marketing easily at its own refurbishment centers. Xcite brands include ReconLogic, CarStudioPros, VehicleStickers.io and Frontline Inventory. Learn more through www.xciteauto.com

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