Would you buy a Bugatti Veyron for $150,000?

Would you buy a Bugatti Veyron for $150,000? Of course, you will, no matter what it takes to get to the scratch. You can sell it in a week for $1.5 million and the new owner will get a deal. But Veyron isn’t Veyron, it’s Pontiac. Yes, one more Pontiac/Fiero. Actually, it’s not like that.

If this fake Bugatti Veyron isn’t a Fiero, then what is?

Replica of Bugatti Veyron | ebay

This was one of those fiberglass replicas that could be built on top of everything you came up with. In this case, it’s a Pontiac GTO chassis. This is a good thing. This also means it has the LS1 V8 powertrain. So there are two things. The LS has been manufactured to sound like the real Veyron sounds. So there are three reasons for these worlds apart from those Fiero/Ferrari combination cars.

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