Wordsworth’s poem inspires mural in Moda Hove’s rented neighborhood

Brighton artist Tom Diamantopoulou has revealed his beautiful mural inspired by the local regeneration of the new Moda Living development built to rent in Hove.

Tom’s work combines an exploration of Hove’s positive transformation over the years, with words from the poem Daffodil Wordsworth, giving a nod to the poet’s nearby corner.

This piece will form part of a revolving gallery of murals by local artists during the renovation of the Sackville Road Trading Estate.

Tom said: My reasoning with using these themes is that the area and the local community have gone through some positive transformations over the years and gradually grown and thrived, so I wanted to reflect that in my design.

“The design also reflects the philosophies and values ​​of MODA, which builds communities that integrate the health, happiness and well-being of their residents, as well as their green spirit.”

About 15 years ago, Tom explained, this area of ​​Hove was locally regarded as overlapping. Thanks to the hard work of the locals, today it is a lively and happy community with creative hubs dotted with small workshops and businesses, as well as a bright future for the area around Hof station.

The mural also takes inspiration from nearby Wordsworth Street in Hove and the second house of the poem Daffodils which states:

Continuous as the stars that shine

twinkle on the Milky Way,

They stretched out in an endless line

Along the edge of the bay:

Ten thousand I saw at a glance,

They move their heads in a playful dance.

Tom added: “This poem reflects the themes of the mural and of society. The verses of the poem describe daffodils, the sign of spring, the time of year when nature survived winter, and is now regenerating, growing and growing again. For me, this reflects the transformations that the region and the local community have undergone in recent years.

“I like to think that this verse can also be seen as relating to people, perhaps residents within the community, who revitalized the area years ago or even about the locality that is now thriving.”

Tom Diamantopoulou began his career as a songwriter and musician for the influential band The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, releasing three albums and touring the UK, Europe and America, before deciding to focus on his passion for art.

His work is characterized by large abstract shapes rooted in color and expressiveness. Working in his studio in Brighton, Tom was born color blind but loves working with the bold, bright colors and textures and features of his work on the exterior of Franco Manca on North Street. His father, Pierre Diamantopoulou, is the sculptor behind Flight of the Langoustine, which will be the second statue of the Hove Blynth.

MODA has selected three local artists as the winners of its competition to design a mural, which will appear on an exterior wall at the Sackville Road site during the construction of the new neighborhood. Among the artists whose work will be featured in the future are two Hove residents, painter Kirsty Davidson and fine art student Ella McQueen Smith.

James Blackie, Planning Director, MODA said: “We are very excited to see Tom’s stunning mural appear on Sackville Street.

“We received a great response to our call for artists to design a mural from a large number of local talent, so it was a real challenge for our jury to select the three finalists.

“The winners are all from Brighton and Hove, two of them live just a few ways from the project, so they will be able to get out of their homes and see their artwork in their community.

Our mural designs will showcase the features that make Hove a special place to live and the community we’re building on Sackville Road.

“Our development will give people a place where they can make new friends, join group activities and access a full range of wellness support services. They will also know their rental property is here to stay, giving them a place they can call home for as long as they need it.”

Work is in full swing on the former Sackville Road commercial property, with Moda introducing a new neighborhood of 564 rental homes, transforming the dilapidated property into a thriving, multigenerational new neighborhood in the heart of Hove via six new buildings, interspersed with new green spaces. Spaces, pedestrian paths and public places.

The 564 new homes, 10 percent of which are affordable, will cater to all ages and requirements, from studio apartments to three-bedroom homes.

The neighborhood will also include a range of best-in-class amenities, including a 24/7 gym, rooftop terraces, shared lounges and co-working spaces, as well as 260 community care homes.

The longest core in development has been completed. Work is in progress on the third building and foundation works are in progress on the site.

For more information, please visit: https://modaliving.com/live/location/brighton-hove

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