Williams Nursery announces permanent closure

On June 2 via Facebook, Williams Nursery, located in Westfield, New Jersey, announced plans to permanently close on July 3. The update garnered hundreds of reactions, comments and shares, with many customers expressing their sadness and gratitude.

One customer wrote, “What a wonderful garden center. My mother used to shop here, and I shop here. Thank you for providing the Sungold cherry tomatoes! Williams Nursery was a lovely, quiet place to think about what to plant. There was always great help when I needed it. It’s A pleasure to see you go, just as I miss Geiger’s and Stuernagels, two wonderful establishments on Springfield Avenue. I appreciate your oasis and the wonderful quality of the plants. Good luck to you.”

Along with the announcement on June 2, Williams Nursery ran a 20% discount on express sales of houseplants (including Pink Princess Philodendron, while supplies last), annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs and more. Then, on June 10, owner Dave Williams announced an additional 10% sale due to “amazing customer feedback” to the initial 20% store-wide sale. IGC even had to restock, and as of June 21, all store merchandise is 30% off, while supplies are running out.

Read the garden center’s full ad below:

“Saying goodbye is never easy, and it is the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. Williams Nursery is going to finish our business at the end of this month. Our last day will be July 3rd.research and development. Shutting down a 102-year-old business is tough. Looking back, we have so much gratitude for the seasons we were able to share with you. There were countless wonderful customers who walked through our doors. We will miss sharing smiles and conversations. We know some of you have used our store as an oasis in your life. We’re grateful we got to help smooth the edges of those bumps. We have seen the growth of many young people. Autumn was a particularly fun season when we came to families for our fall activities and games. Hundreds of Eagle Scouts have helped us with projects with our factories. Over the years, we have had many opportunities to supply flowers and plants to many schools, clubs, and organizations in many local cities. We even donated one of our greenhouses to Elizabeth, who is now helping provide vegetable seedlings across the county. Lots of memories are created when you plant something. I hope you can take a look at some of your plants, think about when you bought them and think of us. We’ve helped the county with the Arbor Day Tree Program for nearly twenty years. More than 2,000 trees were planted, some now over thirty feet tall. It has been a wonderful journey for our family over five generations, but unfortunately this chapter is coming to an end.

We are grateful to the staff who have supported us over the years. Without their hard work and dedication, we couldn’t have been as successful as we were. One of our crew members has been here for over fifty years. We have been fortunate to see our employees grow personally as they passed through our doors. Some met in our store and got married, then their children worked for us. Several of them have established strong friendships that will last well beyond Williams custody.

Factory quality was our top priority. We have worked with many growers over the years, and have been fortunate to have found some of the best in North America. It has been a pleasure working with them. Their commitment to producing the best comes from having a great team behind them. We will miss working with them.

The past several years in the business have been the hardest, but also the most satisfying. At the start of Covid, we didn’t think we’d survive until this season. We changed all our computers to handle curbside pickup, we didn’t even know if we’d be allowed to stay open in May 2020 and thought our process was going to end by that time. Covid has led to a new generation of houseplant enthusiasts and home gardeners. Plants have become an adaptation mechanism to mitigate the epidemic.

Starting immediately, 20% off all merchandise will be given. This includes all plants, gifts, hard goods, pottery, etc. This week we received new shipments of houseplants, annuals, and perennials. Keep following our social media for more sales. It’s important to start looking through the drawers at home to look for these old gift certificates, so you can use them before closing. All fixtures, including appliances and furniture from the residences, will also be sold out, with details on these items available soon.

Hopefully we get a moment to share our farewell. Thank you for being a part of our journey,

The Williams and Jackson families.

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