Why you should avoid the 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550

A penny for your thoughts now. Perhaps you are in a state of shock as your brain tries to reconcile the words “Mercedes” and “avoid” in one sentence. We’ve got it. After all, it’s a file Mercedes Benz We’re talking about the tent here that made the tagline so well, “engineered like no other car in the world.”

But even engineering giants like Mercedes are not immune to poor engineering. It is already happening. Just one small mistake and a great product that falls apart like a pack of cards. Then the news swirls with agent recalls and group action allowances. Big problems often start from a simple mistake, the little foxes.

Scroll down to the last subheading if you’d rather jump right into the fox that made the 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550 worth boycotting. However, even after that reveal, you can also decide that the 2007 S500 is still the used car for you, and we wouldn’t envy you for that. However, let’s dig.

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Analysis of 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean the S-500 is a complete rock. After all, it was the land yacht that was supposed to overshadow the 2006 BMW 750Li. Each S-Class is a proud descendant of the 1972 Mercedes-Benz W116 Executive, and the original pioneer of the Special Class (Sonderklasse or S-Klasse in German) Luxury cruiser.

Over the years, the series has come to embody the best that a standout screen can offer in terms of performance, luxury and technology. It is a favorite of big wigs around the world, including national leaders, business tycoons and celebrities. When it’s not armored and stretched, it’s a full-size sedan that blends performance and luxury. The 2007 model year saw the official arrival of the all-new S-Series in North America, and it had the bells and whistles to challenge its market rivals.

You can get a used one today for less than $20,000, but it opened in the North American market for $105,000. Let’s drink, pretend all is well, and focus on the aesthetics of the 2007 S500. It has a lot that we wholeheartedly agree with, starting with the spacious interior with ample legroom and electrically adjustable seating. Speaking of seats, it offers four different seat massage settings, which is the one feature that’s enough to sell to older executives who make up a large portion of their target S-Class customers.

It is difficult to ignore the abundance of tools that enhanced the outstanding quality of the car. You get a very smooth ride in the 2007 S500, thanks to the strong suspension and advanced traction control system. It has the superlative and intuitive COMAND interface (short for Cockpit and Data Management) that brings audio, telecommunication and telecommunication functions under a single knob in the center console and a display in the center dashboard.

We can go ahead, but now we think you get the idea. The 2007 S-500 isn’t all bad until you’re looking up its skirt.

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Why the 2007 Mercedes-Benz S-500 is a bad buy

The catastrophic fox we chase is not the usual problems associated with the S500 such as HVAC blower motor failure, transmission drive selector unit failure, and camshaft adjusting solenoid failure. The real disaster is the M273 encoded small gear buried deep in the model’s engine.

This small gear connects to the timing chain, and it is admittedly a long way to make this valuable little gear out of poor quality metal. This is a disaster waiting to happen because teeth can rot and fall out. It’s as if Jalopnik’s Tyler Hoover sighs, “The first warning of impending death is the check engine light throwing out the camshaft timing codes.”

But what happens if you fail to address the problem right away? Heaven prevents the timing chain from slipping, as follows: the piston crashes into the valve. You know what that means? The beautiful and elegant luxury Merc is now completely flat, where the solution is either a replacement engine or an all-new Merc.

Either way, it’s not good for your wallet and your mental health. Now you understand why we said, “You should avoid” this model. Still can’t resist this nice deal at your local dealer? Follow these steps (provided by Hoover at Jalopnik) once you have your new/used 2007 S500:

  • Step 1: Remove the engine from your vehicle
  • Step 2: Remove the front camshaft covers, secondary air pump, steering pulley, thermostat cover, belt tensioner, oil filter housing, vibration damper, water pump, coils, valve covers, timing chain adjustment, timing cover
  • Step 3: Replace the gear
  • Step 4: Somehow remember how it all comes back together, and then do it

The guys at the agency should be able to help you with this process if you can’t. Odds are pretty good that you’ll never have to deal with this problem but are you willing to take a chance? We may never have known what hit us, except for a class action lawsuit over safety issues related to the M272 and M273 engines. Yes, we just used the 2007 version as a poster child for non-AMG Mercedes-Benz models from 2006 to 2007 with similar flaws.

Additionally, balance shaft problems are more common on 2004-2008 Mercedes models with M272 V6 piston engines. What then would we recommend to the stubborn S500 enthusiast who may still want this car? Shoot for later models, making sure they don’t fall into the affected engine serial numbers, Mercedes fixed the problem on later models that follow the class action.

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