Why is the Tesla yoke a “safety hazard” but the Lexus’ yoke “a great Canada?”

Why is the Tesla steering wheel described as a safety hazard but the Lexus steering wheel is “kind of cool?” This is a question many are asking after Gavin Schoebridge referenced two articles from cnet About Al-Naratin. Although written by different authors, one has to wonder why the Tesla yoke is classified as a safety hazard, but the Lexus is rated as rather cool.

Article Analysis

Nik Tesla article

To answer this question, we need to look at the articles. The first was published in January 2021. The author shared that he thinks Tesla’s “new KITT-style steering yoke” would not only be embarrassing but potentially unsafe, and shared his thoughts on why.

He was afraid that one would lose their grip on the guiding yoke if they hit a pit or even break their wrists and faces. He was also concerned about how difficult the yoke would be when using it to park the car vertically somewhere. It seemed clear from the way he wrote the article – using phrases like imagine this or that – that at the time he had never experienced the use of the yoke.

Lexus Near article

This book was written a few days ago by a completely different author. Although he praised the all-electronic system and said it has advantages over traditional mentoring, he also said there is a learning curve.

The author actually gave the nod towards Tesla but put the focus back on Lexus, which is doing something different with its yoke. Lexus used a technology called One Motion Grip (in the US it’s called steering by the wire). It does not have a physical mechanical connection to the front wheels. He added that it feels almost completely normal on a fast-paced track or highway but is awkward at low speeds where learning curves affect.

The author added that the Tesla yoke still had a physical connection to the front wheels but had not yet tried it. He said it looks inferior to what Lexus developed due to the hand motions over the hand used while turning. The article was somewhat of a review of a new type of yoke that Lexus arranged. [Editor’s note: In conversations with him last year, race car driver Blake Fuller strongly criticized the Tesla yoke. At the same time, he said it would have been much better if it had been a steer-by-wire system like this. I think this is pretty much established fact among those who now much about this topic. —Zach Shahan]

The author seemed to love the new Lexus yoke but said he wasn’t sure if that was a solution to any actual problem. He said it was better than the Infiniti wire-guided system.


I can understand why so many Tesla supporters, owners, and even shareholders are unhappy with these articles. This has nothing to do with Lexus, but how Tesla is often mistreated by the mainstream media. We’ve exposed a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about Tesla here at CleanTechnica Over the past decade, this FUD is what contributes to the opposition to electrification.

After reading the two articles, I felt as if the second article was more balanced than the first. He made one or two comments about Tesla but it didn’t completely attack the company, and I didn’t feel the obvious hatred for Tesla or Elon Musk as you can with some of the other articles.

It should be noted that cnet It wasn’t the only news site publishing articles about how badly Tesla had been driving. Most critics in the media have moved on from the idea that the Tesla yoke is a better safety threat to the Lexus yoke than the Tesla yoke. Many in the Tesla community see this as bias and are speaking frankly.

Every Tesla Plaid owner I spoke to said that the transition from a conventional steering wheel to a yoke was very smooth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Tesla doesn’t pay for ads and doesn’t have a PR department. Tesla’s focus is on the product rather than the company’s exposure to the media. This can easily be seen in how the majority of the media (as an industry) treat both Tesla and Elon Musk as well as his other companies.



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