Who cut a bronze statue from Trenton, Angel Island, New Jersey?

Trenton – A bronze statue was stolen from an area bordered by three churches leaving only two feet behind early Saturday morning.

The Angel of Faith memorial has been built on “Angel Island” at the intersection of Perry and Warren Streets (Route 206) in Trenton since 1986, according to Harry Jackendoff, assistant warden and sexton at St. Michael’s Church. The church said the king of the city.

A young homeless boy picking up Bibles from the church library was the first to notice that the statue was missing around 11 am.

“He was very worried about the statue,” Jackendoff told NJ 101.5. “He said ‘What did they do with my statue?'”

Prayer wall in front of St. Michael’s Church in Trenton

Prayer wall in front of St. Michael’s Church in Trenton (Harry Jackendoff)

No one noticed the statue

Across the street from a church building’s colorful prayer wall features large, clasped hands in prayer, which Jackendoff said was originally proposed to be placed on Angel Island.

“It’s been run down for years and people don’t even notice the owners are there,” Jackendoff said. “It’s interesting that it took a week for anyone to care.”

Jackendoff said the Catherdral of the St. Mary of the Assumption has two security cameras and the Friendship Baptist Church has another camera that may have captured the theft. He speculates that a truck had to be used to lift the statue and move it from an area called Cathedral Square.

City spokesman Timothy Carroll said the Trenton Police investigation was still ongoing. He said the police notified the scrap metal buyers of the theft.

The top of one of my “legs” is the statue of the Angel of Faith after it was stolen

The top of one of the “legs” of the Angel of Faith statue after it was stolen (Brian McCarthy)

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