When does Royal Farms open in Brick Township, New Jersey

royal farms Really close to its newest location on Route 88 in Brick City. I know the signs have been saying “soon” for a while and from the looks of it, this is very true. The question is when?

according to Break soup The article, the reason, may be “a permit from the New Jersey Department of Transportation not yet approved. Royal farms are virtually surrounded by state-controlled roads – two-state highways as well as small service roads that run between several nearby businesses and a nearby pitcher handle.”

I am keen to open this location here in Ocean County because I have never been to Royal Farms and have been told their fried chicken is worth a visit on its own. Yup Royal Farms are known across the country for their service and fried chicken so let’s open so I can swing by and grab some 🙂

Shawn michaels

Shawn michaels

According to the post patch Article “Royal Farms Officials Do Not Commit To An Opening Date”.

Royal Farms spokesman Saeed “We’ve experienced some delays that are out of our control and don’t have an opening date to report. Unfortunately, we don’t have any further updates to share at this time.”

That’s basically all we have at this time, so although there have been several rumors it seems that this is all at this time, rumors.

If you are not familiar with Royal Farms, they are owned by Cloverdale Farms and started in 1959.

Besides the convenient stuff and gasoline, Royal Farms is known for its fried chicken, right fried chicken and some say it’s the best they’ve ever had?

Let us know what you think of Royal Farms Chicken and yes I will do a taste test.

The only thing we are happy about is that we got another gas station on a very busy road.

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