What’s the Most Reliable Used BMW M Car?

Reliable used BMW M car guide highlights:

  • MotorBiscuit spoke with BMW expert shop Enthusiast Auto Group about reliable used M cars
  • For maximum reliability, EAG recommends naturally-aspirated BMW M cars from 1997-2010-ish, specifically cars with S52, S62, and 2003-and-later S54 engines
  • While maintenance often costs more, these ‘analog’ M cars are simple enough to wrench on, and you can avoid expensive headaches through pre-purchase inspections and by buying examples with extensive service histories

If you ask the average car enthusiast, they’ll likely say that the best BMWs carry M Division badges. And because even these high-end, high-performance sports cars aren’t immune to depreciation, used M cars can be surprisingly budget-friendly. ‘High-end’ doesn’t always mean ‘reliable,’ though, and cheap to buy doesn’t always mean cheap to own. But even so, there are reliable used BMW M cars out there. And here’s what you need to look for to get one.

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