What’s Special About This Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe Made Out Of A Run-Down 996

Porsche has pulled the covers off a unique restomod version of its 996 generation 911. This new little beauty is called the 911 Classic Club Coupe, and it’s the latest special project to be completed. Commissioned by Porsche Club of America, the Classic Club Coupe is based on a 1998 911 Carrera that was discovered neglected and in poor condition on a forecourt dealer in Virginia, USA. It was then brought back to Porsche Classic’s workshops in Stuttgart, Germany, where it received a comprehensive restoration over two and a half grueling years.

The 911 Classic Club Coupe certainly shares plenty of exterior design cues with the 2009 911 Sport Classic. The black 18-inch Fuchs forged rims and a ducktail fixed rear spoiler are the most obvious new additions, as is the Sport Gray Metallic paintwork that’s coupled with twin stripes running from the bonnet to the spoiler. There are also plenty of details in ‘Club Blue’ – Porsche Club America’s signature color.

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Has Porsche Perfected The Classic Features?

Porsche 911 classic club coupe

Beneath the sleek wind tunnel-tuned spoiler lies a second-generation 3.6-liter 911 GT3 engine pumping out a feisty 376 hp, which is more than the standard Carrera delivered. The GT3 inspiration doesn’t stop with the engine because the transmission, chassis and brakes also come from the track-focused special. Performance details haven’t been revealed, but be sure to expect a 0-62mph time of around 4.5 seconds and a top speed of over 180mph.

An all-new, bespoke fixed rear “ducktail” spoiler and third brake light were made for the project out of fiberglass, which references the design heritage of the iconic 1972 Porsche 911 RS 2.7. The “double-dome” roof is designed to mimic the function of racing cars that have protrusions to fit a tall driver with a racing helmet, without raising the entire roof panel.

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How Well Designed Is The Interior?

Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe interior

Inside is mainly finished in black leather, contrasted by hounds tooth fabric inserts in the seats and on the doors. The seats feature a unique Pepita pattern, which is woven from black and gray leather. The standard three-spoke steering wheel has Club Blue stitching added, while the instrument cluster features a ‘911 Classic Club Coupe’ logo and racing stripes. Porsche Classic’s Communication Management Plus infotainment system features, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. More Club Blue details are dotted throughout the cabin in places such as the dials, steering-wheel rim and headrests to keep its feel modern but classic.

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What Makes This Porsche Special?

Porsche 911 Classic club coupe rear

During its development, the 911 Classic Club Coupe was known as ‘project gray’ to keep it a secret – a smart nickname based on the 2018 911 project gold. Unusually for a one-off car, a test vehicle was also built and trailed at the Nardo high-speed ring in Italy, Spain’s Idiada testing ground and Porsche’s track at Weissach, Germany. They then dismantled the car to keep the finished final vehicle unique.The 996-generation 911 is one of the most popular versions of the firm’s famous rear-engine machine, with a total of 175,262 examples being built between 1997 and 2006.

Alexander Fabig, head of Porsche Classic, said: “The Type 996 is unjustly overshadowed by the other 911 ranges. That’s why we were happy to choose it as the basis for demonstrating all the things we can do with Porsche Classic, In 2009, the 911 Sport Classic, a limited series of 250, had already generated worldwide interest. However, this special model wasn’t sold in the US. With this one-off, we’ve now managed to bring a similarly exciting vehicle concept to the US as well.”

The previous Sport Classic that inspired this new one-off was sold in a limited run of just 250 cars back in 2009, based on the 997.2 generation of the 911. Back then, they took a stock Carrera S that was new at the time and adorned it with every special package and option they could throw at it, with bespoke paintwork and a retro spoiler and set of wheels. Sadly, there will only ever be just one Type 996 Sport Classic ever officially released by Porsche, for just one lucky customer who ordered the car through Porsche’s new Sonderwunsch restoration program.

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Typically, Porsche has not released the cost of the commission, but it can be expected to be beyond the scope of normal 996 values, despite a growing interest in the secondhand market. In contrast to the Project Gold 993 Turbo it revealed last year, the Classic Club Coupe is instead a showcase to owners of what Porsche’s Individual and Classic departments can do for owners wanting to complete similar recommissions of their own cars.

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