What was the worst car of the 80s?

Photo of the rear of a Lada with blurred tail lights.

Was this acceptable in the ’80s?
Clarification: Lada

There are a lot of people, myself included, who seem to think everything from the ’80s is cool. Prince album 1999, Great. The latest Indiana Jones movie, amazing. The space shuttle program, which returned to orbit in 1981, was astounding. But, not everything from the ’80s is fondly remembered – especially the cars.

The ’80s sure gave us greats like the Ferrari F40, Lancia Delta and the mighty Fiat Panda. But, not every car that rolled off the production line between 1980 and 1989 was amazing. Some, as we’re about to find out, were terrible.

That’s what we want to hear today, we want to know the truth about the worst car of the ’80s. We need your help.

There’s a little bit of everything from the ’80s ready to be recommended here. Maybe you hate Soviet era Lada For its distressingly simple design, it may or may not go along with Chrysler’s idea of ​​’80s luxury with Empire.

Or you might be a pagan who thinks seagull-wing doors don’t fix everything, so Can refer to Delorean DMC-12 As the worst car of the 80s. Whatever your thoughts on the worst car of the decade, we want to hear it.

To me, it should be something like a Pontiac LeMans from 1988. Originally designed as the European market Opel Kadett, the ’88 LeMans were a far cry from the mid-size muscle that graced the board before. I killed After only five years in the United States.

But, what cars would you like to add to your 80s trash list? Head over to the comments section below and tell us your picks for the worst car of the ’80s and we’ll gather some of the best answers tomorrow afternoon.

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