What it’s like to own a Ferrari F12 TDF

Mr. JWW helps the newest owner of this Ferrari F12 TDF and sets out to put his V12 masterpiece to work as soon as it hits the ground.

He is seen as the most controversial Ferrari Decades ago, the F12tdf was not just a homage to Scuderia’s dominance in the Tour de France (hence the “tdf” tag), but a direct call back to a time when Ferrari was only interested in winning races, and building a super-luxury V12 Grand Tourer.

As one of the many Ferraris to get the “track-oriented” treatment, the F12tdf is faster, lighter and more selectable than its sister F12berlinetta. Only two reasons is that it became one of the fastest Ferraris to raise a million dollar valuation less than seven years after its debut in October 2015.

So when Mr. JWW on YouTube Cars got word that his business partner would be receiving a yellow F12tdf, he grabbed the camera and joined the reveal. Not to mention getting a chance to take the F12 for a spin, minutes after the tires hit the pavement.

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What’s better than a yellow, Ferrari V12?

Featuring a tuned version of the Ferrari F140 V12 engine that adorns the F12berlinetta, the TDF produced an additional 40 hp for a total of 769 jumping hp. It also gave the Grand Tourer another 250 rpm that took the redline to the 8250, and an additional 10 lb-ft of torque for a total of 520 lb-ft.

It’s also still very competitive compared to Ferrari’s latest and greatest, holding the second-fastest time on Ferrari’s test circuit until 2020. Although it’s now slipped to sixth, the two-second difference from the leader puts TDF in some pretty impressive company.

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Tracking car with real capabilities

Mr. JWW immediately started with a deep, throaty voice, and immediately felt the effect of tooth pressure on Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V12 engine. As it rides via the F1-inspired seven-speed DCT transmission, Mr. JWW admits the TDF is definitely the “rough” version of the F12berlinetta. However, this is what makes F12tdf so special. It’s as if Ferrari built a road car to the exact specifications of the same Grand Tourer cars that graced the streets of France, decades ago.

With only 799 examples built in a very short two-year period, the TDF is one of the relatively rare Ferraris ever produced. With its constantly rising price tag that shows no sign of slowing down, it will definitely be a car that very few people will ever experience. However, if you’re one of the lucky few with seven numbers to play with, there probably isn’t a much better investment than F12tdf.

Here’s why the Ferrari F12 TDF is now a million dollar superhero

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