What is mid-century modern style? The Unsalable Homes team transforms an old cabin into a mid-century modern retreat

In tonight’s episode of Homes not for saleAnd the Lindsay Lamb and Leslie Davis transformed a remote old cabin into a modern retreat. Mid-Century Modern refers to furnishings inspired by 20th century architecture.

as seen on Homes not for sale Tonight, mid-century modern designs are usually simple and minimalist curvilinear designs, especially teak furniture. Color makes a statement in homes of these styles as they are painted too wide or have many colors in the same room.

Lindsey and Leslie took on the challenge of transforming a cottage-style home into a mid-century modern retreat. They added multiple colors to the kitchen and vibrant tiles in the kitchen and bathroom throughout the house to give it a mid-century modern look.

what happened today Homes not for sale tonight?

Tonight Homes not for saleAnd Lyndsay and Leslie have taken an old remote cabin and transformed it into a modern country retreat. The 2,500-square-foot cabin (now a mid-century modern cottage) is located in the rural part of Snohomish County.

The cabin is decorated with brick walls and popcorn ceilings. It had a huge basement and a beautiful view from the living room. The bedroom was large, but the attached bathroom didn’t give it any rustic look, and the tiles didn’t match the sink. Speaking of the cabin, Leslie said:

“We’re definitely stuck in the ’70s.”

The owner of the antique 9-acre cottage wanted to sell the old cottage for $675,000. Homes not for sale Lyndsay and Leslie’s team decided to put together $100,000 to renovate the cabin. The husband wanted to sell the house for $850 thousand.

They decided to change the color of the eaves and the main living room, giving the house a bright modern look. The pair removed the kitchen’s middle hood and created a wandering space around the peninsula. The peninsula served as a meeting place in the family cabin.

Lindsay and Leslie wanted the window in the living room to be the main attraction in the house. They removed the dark wood walls around the window to make the cabin appear brighter, and the living room became the focal point of the house.

The Homes not for sale The team decided that the theme of the cabin should be mid-century modern. They decided to paint the kitchen cabinets blue to match the theme and used printed tiles for the floor. They used geometric tiles for the bathroom floor.

The pair got rid of the third door entrance and installed a large closet in its place. Then they installed storage space directly in the master bedroom. For decoration, the twins chose to install a triangular bus stop in the garden,

read episode description,

“Lyndsay and Leslie transform a remote cabin in the woods into a rustic getaway; they direct the interior woodcutter to bring in rustic wood elements that blend seamlessly with their colorful, mid-century modern style.”

The homeowner was very excited to see the house and compare it to a catalog house. She loved the improvements made in the kitchen and said,

“This kitchen design is perfect”

The home sold for $1 million after investing $100,000 in renovations. Lyndsay and Leslie received $112,500 from the project.

Identical twins Lindsey and Leslie help homeowners whose homes have been on the market for a long time by renovating their unsaleable homes and finding potential clients. It should be noted that the twins cover the costs of renovating each home in the offer. Then they divide the profit after selling it.

New episodes of Homes not for sale It airs every Tuesday on HGTV at 9:00 PM ET.

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