What are the best used luxury SUVs for under $15,000?

Luxury SUVs are great, except when you want to sell one. Buying a used item While a Land Cruiser maintains its value, and may increase its value, most luxury SUVs 15-20 years old have resale values ​​similar to Blockbuster stock. For example, a BMW X5 was worth $59,000 in 2004, about $6,300. It is a fast cruiser powered by a V8 engine that can withstand many off-road tracks. You can buy a used luxury SUV for less than $15,000. Below are some that all have V8s that are all-wheel drive and still look modern.

Many dealers use one of two used car pricing books. The Kelly Blue Book Handbook and NADA, or National Automobile Dealers Association Handbook, are the standards. Sure, many other sites offer values, but these two are always a good starting point if you’re looking to buy a used one. We’ve included both prices below so you can get a feel for what they’re selling for. Both books show that some of the best values ​​in used cars are luxury SUVs. Of course, options, mileage, condition and even color will affect the price.

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