Walmart AutoCare worker quits job at Viral TikTok

A Walmart service manager shared that he quit his job at Walmart after being unable to make a difference to the company.

TikToker Killa Cure (iam_rockcity) has recorded himself leaving his Walmart name card at what appears to be his desk. In the video, he read the phrase “Our People Make the Difference” with his name tag.

“I tried,” he says. “You didn’t let me make the difference.”

Then he put on his name tag and walked out of the store, yelling “Fuck this place” on his way out.

“My time has come! Sorry I’m not sorry!” A video text overlay reads on the screen. TikToker doesn’t share any specific reason as to why he decided to quit his job at Walmart, but according to previous videos, TikToker has been outspoken and critical of the billion-dollar company and the way the company treats its employees. It had previously also gone viral for issuing a public service announcement to customers who got impatient when the auto care department was understaffed. In this video, he claimed that “it wasn’t his fault that Walmart wasn’t making enough billions to hire someone for the counter.”

As of Thursday, the TikTok video has amassed around 145,000 views. Some viewers praised TikToker for leaving his job.

iam_rockcity Walmart 👀 #walmart #autocarecenter #foryoupage #acc #serviceshops ♬ Mr. Klein – Young Gravy

“Well done. My old boss used to tell us ‘It’s easy to replace you here but not easy to replace you at home.’ Best Walmart manager,” commented one viewer.

“Good for you. Another viewer commented on this.

Several other people said they recently quit their Walmart jobs, too. Some said they didn’t expect to miss it.

“Leaving Walmart was the best decision I ever made,” said one user.

“The sad thing is they won’t remember your name until next week. I worked at Walmart for 7 years. People hugged me when I left only to be blacklisted at the company level,” another user wrote. In response to the comment, TikToker wrote, “By next year, the store will have all new employees.”

“Unfortunately they won’t care. One viewer commented.

TikToker wrote in response, “I don’t expect them to care. They have shown me a few times.”

It was replaced that afternoon. Another viewer said: “Walmart keeps rolling.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via a TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

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*First Published: August 18, 2022, 4:39pm CST

Cecilia Lenzen

Cecilia Linzen is a journalism student at the University of Texas at Arlington and a freelance reporter for the Daily Dot.

Cecilia Lenzen

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