Veteran director of Tigers DFA to clear a spot for the return of Bryan Garcia

DETROIT – The Detroit Tigers named right-back slugger Derek Lowe for the assignment after Thursday night’s game.

Lau’s departure gives a place to right-hand man Brian Garcia, who will be picked from Triple A Toledo and will start Friday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Lau, 31, a native of Pittsburgh, was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the ninth round in 2011. He participated in parts of three major league seasons for the Giants, and also worked with the Blue Jays and the Minnesota Twins.

Lou signed a mini-league deal with the Tigers this spring and has put in impressive numbers while getting closer to Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens. In 39 innings, Law 44 crossed out and walked 10 while posting a 3.23 ERA.

But he only had two chances with the big league club, allowing five runs (he only got one) in two rounds of action. Homer surrendered three runs to Tuscar Hernandez on July 30 in Toronto in a role that spilled over due to his own mistake.

The law was previously invalidated, so he can choose to become a free agent if he clears waivers without being claimed by another team.

Garcia, 27, had an immediate start to the Tigers last week in Toronto. He allowed two runs in 3 and 2/3 runs in the Tigers’ only win over the Blue Jays.

40-player tiger roster (39)

Players in bold are in the active list

left-handed jugs (5): Tyler AlexanderAnd the Andrew ChavinTariq Scobal*, Gregory SotoJoey Wentz.

left-handed jugs (16): Bio Briskey*Jose CisneroAnd the Angel de Jesus and Alex Faido Jason FoleyAnd the Brian GarciaRonnie Garcia*, Garrett HillAnd the Drew HutchisonAnd the Joe JimenezAnd the Alex LangAnd the Matt ManningAnd the Willy PeraltaMichael Pineda*, Elvin RodriguezWill Feast.

catchers (3): Tucker BarnhartAnd the Eric HaasAli Sanchez.

the intervenors (9): Javier BaezAnd the Miguel CabreraAnd the Jimer CandelarioAnd the Harold CastroAnd the Cody ClemensBrendon Davis, Jonathan ScopeZack Short Spencer Turkelson.

ball players (6): Akil BadouAnd the Dazz CameronAnd the Willy CastroAnd the Riley GreenAustin Meadows*, Victor Reyes.

* In the list of wounded 10 days or 15 days.

Prohibited List (1): Left bowler Eduardo Rodriguez is not paid or counted against the 40-man list while on the restricted list.

60 days IL (4): catcher Jake Rogers (right elbow sprain); Right-handed pitchers Kyle Funkhuser (right shoulder strain), Casey Mays (right elbow sprain) and Spencer Turnbull (right elbow sprain) are on the 60-day casualty list, removing them from the list of 40 men.

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