Vehicles seized in Beaconsfield and Chalfont St Peter

It was a busy day for officers in the Thames Valley Police as several people were arrested for motor vehicle offenses in the county.

Throughout Thursday, May 12th in south Buckinghamshire, several cars and vans including an Audi A3 were seized at Chalfont St Giles.

The authorities tried to stop the car, but it “quickly took off and entered the village’s car park to avoid the officers.”

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However, TVP Chiltern & South Bucks confirmed that the driver of the car, which had the learner’s plate in the back, “was arrested and detained for drug-driving and otherwise driving in accordance with the license”.

The car was later seized.

On the same day, a driver was arrested in Amersham for “overtaking traffic in line” while also passing a red light.

It was also revealed that the driver of the car did so in front of a police car.

The driver has been reported and now faces points on his license and a fine.

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Finally, on the evening of May 12, two vehicles were pulled off the road in Beaconsfield.

The first was a BMW after it was revealed that the car did not have insurance, and after the driver called his friend to get a lift, the truck that arrived to pick up the car was also pulled off the road.

The truck, which was a Ford Transit, was discovered to have turned on the police’s ANPR camera as it had not been taxed since 2021.

Both cars were pulled off the road.

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