Vehicles at Sacramento Councilman’s House Cause Police Calls

Robert J Hansen

Robert J Hansen

Amid the controversy over whether Councilman Sean Luloy lives in the North Sacramento area he represents, questions have been raised about vehicles parked there, and police records confirm that two complaints have been filed.

When The Sacramento Bee first visited the house in early June, a reporter noticed at least a dozen vehicles there—in the front yard, driveway, and on the street. Some were missing license plates.

Edwin Montoya, who is registered to vote at Lowe’s house, is undergoing government training to repair cars, according to court records reviewed by The Bee for a criminal charge that Montoya is facing.

Now, police records obtained by The Bee from a California Public Records Act request show that police have been called to the Hagginwood home twice in connection with issues with vehicles being sold there. The first call was made in November 2019 – months before Lowe’s announced the family’s move.

Loloee is under a city investigation to see if he lives in the area, as required by law, based on Bee’s report. His wife owns a $1.4 million home in Granite Bay.

Carla Montoya, general manager of Loloee Grocery Stores, told The Bee that she and her family live in Loloee’s house with his permission. In written statements and interviews, Loloee gave various timelines on when the Montoyas would move home.

On November 14, 2019, around 2:45 p.m., someone called 911 to report a fight between a car buyer and seller, according to a police document. This call came about eight months after Loloee bought the house.

“The caller mentioned that he bought the car an hour ago and now there are engine problems and the seller will not refund the purchase price. The caller was informed that it was a civil matter and was given small claims court proceedings,” the police document states. “The police did not take any further action.”

About a year later, on the morning of October 27, 2020, a similar call was made.

“The caller advised that the car took some time in the past four hours,” the police document said. “The caller believes that the previous owner who requested to buy back the car had seized it. The previous owner has the keys to the car. A police report has been taken.”

Sacramento police on July 7 denied Bee’s public records request for full police reports, claiming they are under investigation and exempt from disclosure. The documents will provide more information than the short summaries section released, such as who the officers were interviewed for.

Carla Montoya and Lowe did not respond to requests for comment.

The city code prohibits people from operating auto repair businesses or vehicle storage yards from residential properties.

Shortly after The Bee announced in June that the vehicles were parked in the property’s garden, someone removed them from the property. Having inoperable vehicles on a residential property is against city law, or parking any vehicles in grass or unpaved surfaces.

The City Law Compliance Department only takes action against property that is the subject of a complaint. After The Bee reported on Loloee, someone complained that the backyard had many backyard structures that were built without permits. City inspectors visited the property and found unlicensed storage sheds and a covered patio and issued fines. Lulue told The Bee last week that he does not plan to obtain permits for or remove the barns. The status of the icon remains open and unresolved.

Resident in Auto Repair Training

Edwin Montoya, son of Loloee grocery store manager Carla Montoya, received in April 2021 a certificate of course completion as a level 2 inspector from the state’s Bureau of Auto Repair, according to court records.

Accused of rape in May 2021, he pleaded not guilty while awaiting trial. Court documents for the case also list the address of Montoya where he owns the Nogales Street Loloee home.

In June, Lowe told The Bee that he had leased the house to tenants for about four months at the end of 2021. After The Bee reported that Edwin Montoya had registered to vote in the Hagginwood House as of October 2020, Lowloe said he had allowed Montoya to live with him after they had had times Stress during the coronavirus pandemic.

Loloi said during an online news conference July 1, referring to Carla Montoya’s husband Augustine Montoya.

The 911 call related to the sale of the car occurred four months before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Sacramento City Investigation

The police document also included several other 911 calls to the house regarding loud noises, parties, and a suspicious person carrying a weapon. Police on July 31, 2021 arrested Marletheo Jason Walls, 30, during a party at the house. He was charged with two counts of brandishing a firearm, one count of possession of ammunition, and five counts of the offense of possession of a firearm. Walls was barred from owning guns because in 2011, at age 19, officers allegedly found a cannabis-loaded pistol in his backpack at San Bruno Community College.

Through a PR firm earlier this week, Loloee told The Bee that he was in attendance at that party. Last week, Lului told Capital Public Radio that he was at a different party where someone mistakenly thought they saw a gun, but the rest of the 911 calls, including those related to vehicles, never actually happened.

“This is the only time (the police) have been called since I owned that house,” Lowloy told Capital Public Radio, which was the first to report the 911 calls.

Loloee faces an investigation into his stay from a Sacramento-appointed law firm. The city does not share a timeline for when this will be completed or share the name of the company. The council can remove Loloee from his position if it decides that he does not live in the area.

This story was originally published August 18, 2022 9:03 am.

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