‘VAPR’ E-Cite Motors has been rated as an amazing electric vehicle investment in EV Auto Insider – above GOOD Tesla, and those who make its own dire investment list

Bothell, WA / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2022 / VaporBrands International, Inc. dba E-Cite Motors Group, (OTC PINK: VAPR) Highlighted in an article at EV Auto Insider www.evautoinsider.com called “EV Auto Investments, the Good, Terrible, and Amazing” where an amazing list is made.

The entire article can be found at https://evautoinsider.com/ev-auto-investments-the-good-terrible-and-amazing/.

In the article, EV Auto Insider explains the pros and cons of investing in Tesla and warns potential investors of what it calls amateur or uninformed investment traps.

NOTE * E-Cites are in no way labeled “Kit Cars” because they are manufactured new vehicles.

Note * The information and opinions contained in this EV Auto Insider article are purely the views and opinions of EVAI and/or its contributors. E-Cite EVAI engines have in no way compensated for the distribution of this article.

About EV Auto Insider:

EV Auto Insider www.evautoinsider.com “EVIA” is the premier source for all news related to the electric vehicle industry including vehicle manufacturing, technologies and regulations. EVAI consolidates the latest information and editorials from around the world and makes it available to its readers through one comprehensive portal.

About VaporBrands International, dba E-Cite Motors.

www.ecitemotors.com (OTC PINK: VAPR) is a publicly traded company based in Bothell that develops to manufacture the latest electric vehicles using the latest technology with some of the iconic cars of the past glowing. VAPR recently acquired 100% ownership in E-Cite Motors, Acclaimed Automotive www.acclaimedauto.com and N2A Motors www.n2amotors.com a California-based custom vehicle manufacturer that specializes in the design, engineering and construction of prototype, concept and limited production vehicles for OEMs Companies, films and private owners. N2A was led by legendary designer Gene Langmesser who is now Director of Operations for Joint Operations.

Latest recent news:

E-Cite Motors (OTC PINK: VAPR) completes chassis design and assembly – begins with prototype construction


VAPR E-Cite Motors interview with COO Gene Langmesser to answer shareholder questions now available on the company’s website

https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/VAPR/news/VAPR-E-Cite-Motors-Interview-With-COO-Gene-Langmesser-Answering-Shareholders-Questions-Available-Now-on-Companys-Website? ID = 351740

VaporBrands International, Inc. dba E-Cite Motors
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source: VaporBrands International, Inc.

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