U.S. News’ 5 Best Plug-In Hybrid Cars and SUVs Under $35,000

The hybrid revolution is alive and well again, with buyers scouring the market for the best plug-in hybrid in 2022. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are a great option for people who want the convenience of full-electric driving plus the peace of mind of a gas engine for backup. Keep reading to learn about the top plug-in hybrids under $35,000, or check out all of the best electric cars in 2022 to see a full range of electrified options.

Is it worth buying a plug-in hybrid over a hybrid or EV?

Why choose a PHEV or a typical hybrid or an electric car? Plug-in hybrids are cheaper to run than a conventional gas car, and they offer a more flexible balance in power. Driving in full EV mode lets you enjoy the good feelings of eco-friendly cruising, but hybrid mode kicks in when the juice runs out. A PHEV is really the best of both worlds if you can’t commit to an EV.

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