Two women hit tire nails on the outskirts of Mbombela city

Tire-height incidents are back on the surface on the N4, but this time, they’re fairly close to home.

Two women narrowly escaped the hunting ground of would-be thieves who set up nails on the N4 ramp toward Halls and on the R538 near the Sasol Filling Station within four days.

In the latest crash on the R538 on Monday, Marietta van Schalkwyk was driving a Toyota Hilux at 19:20 when she suddenly felt one of her front tires burst.

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Maintaining her composure, she managed to overtake the speed of the car that had stopped behind her as she stopped to investigate. I tried to drive in the yellow lane so they could pass, but instead the other passenger got out of the car and started running towards me. “I sped off to the nearest filling station,” Van Schalkwyk said.

She called a family member while the staff in the garage helped her change a badly damaged tire.

Amy van der Watt. Inner accessory: tire damaged due to sudden rise.

On August 12 at 21:00, Amy van der Watt had a similar accident when traveling on the N4 near Halls.

In her case, she escaped unharmed, thanks to a motorist who noticed she was driving slowly, followed by a BMW with four male passengers waiting for her to stop. When the driver turned around to offer help, the BMW sped away quickly.

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“I noticed a punctured tire just after the bridge at the N4, but I didn’t want to stop where it was dark. I wanted to stop where there was a light, so I kept driving until I noticed a car following me. When pedestrians turned around and asked if I needed help, the car drove off. That was following me. My tires were completely full, and if they hadn’t stopped, I’m sure I would have been kidnapped.”

Neither van Schalkwyk nor van der Watt opened any cases due to lack of evidence, as visibility was limited.

Meanwhile, the provincial police spokesperson, Brigadier Sylvie Mohlala, said that no policemen across the province have been informed of the tire escalation cases in recent times. He urged motorists to report this, so that it can be investigated.

He said, “Some of the perpetrators were arrested before for the accusation of escalation of tires.”

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