Twinkle Khanna Shares DIY Tips for ‘Turning Your Master Bedroom Into an Oasis of Peace’

When it comes to Home decorationMost people focus on the living room, forgetting to create the most comfortable space where you retire at the end of the day – the bedroom! That’s why it’s time to head to a file master bedroom And turn it into a “private haven,” as Twinkle Khanna aptly says.

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In a video shared on Tweak India, she shared some simple DIY Tips To decorate the bedroom without burning a hole in your pocket. “Vahan Laundry Basket, Yahan Bags, Taj Mahal … Ur Bed Be Jila Rina Toh Gar Ghar Ki Bat Hai TowelShe said.

For your bed, “Good quality mattress It is something you wish you had invested in before.” Furthermore, she suggested buying a bed with storage and a plush headboard, especially if you like to read before bed.

For a custom headboard, you can hire a carpenter or make one on your own. Measure the width of the bed to make sure the headboard fits correctly. Its height should be tall enough to support your head. Rinse the edges of the sponge (cut the same size as the plywood) if you want a round headboard. Apply glue to both the plywood and foam, and press firmly down.Cover the foam with a bed sheet or a piece of neutral-colored fabric, and staple it to the back of the plywood.The ironing removes any wrinkles, Twinkle explained.

A side table can be a useful addition and will “leave you room to put a glass or… a cup of coffee neatly rather than leaving it on the ground for someone to stumble upon.”
A side table can be a great addition to your room (Source: Pexels)
There is never enough space for storage. To accommodate some nonessential things, you can use trays under your bed. You can also use baskets of the appropriate height. “Don’t forget to label it so you can quickly identify it,” she advised.

For those who live to rent, Twinkle suggested putting the tires on the ground before starting to dig. Discover a smart way to decorate your walls Artworks that has meaning for you. I like to spread my nails in a way that allows me to change the frames and my artwork whenever I want.”

Next, I arranged a table with a few candles and a stack of books, among other things. The heights of your books, etc. vary decor items by stacking them differently. For keys and remote controls, I usually prefer to keep a drawer so I can easily find them when needed.”

To address the common trend of lining furniture next to the wall, Twinkle suggested not doing so. She said, “You can create a comfortable reading nook with your pose Home furniture A short distance from the wall. But do not forget to fill the negative space with pieces of furniture, other plants, or a floor lamp. ”

On adding plans to your decor theme, she said, “We are programmed to feel cared for by plants and trees. But unfortunately, we live in concrete boxes. So, keep some plants close at hand.” Some of the easiest indoor plants According to Twinkle, they include spider plants, snake plants, money plants, and ZZ ferns.

Any bedroom is incomplete without a tall mirror. As such, I suggested investing in a ‘long mirror’ and having it lean against the wall. mirrors They create the illusion of more space and reflect light, making the room brighter. She added that if you believe in Vastu, make sure the bed is not reflected in the mirror as it is not considered auspicious.
Include some plants in your bedroom (Source: Pexels)
Next, Twinkle suggested an aesthetic way to cover the wires in the room. She said, “If you want to pull a wire in a rental space but still look neat, you can cover it with tape and color the same shade as the wall or the edges so that it is not very visible. If you are using an extension board, make sure it is below eye level. You can lay it down and cover it.” Beautiful plant.”

Bedrooms are also the most private places. Thus, to disguise the view, invest in budget-friendly options such as hanging planters or plants on your windowsill or balcony, Curtains and color films. “If you have two curtain tracks, you can hand out two types of blinds – sheer blinds to filter sunlight during the day and heavy fabrics for privacy at night. Even if your windows aren’t very tall, you can have floor-length blinds that make you feel like you have a higher ceiling. You can also use Color film on the window. This will act as a mirror for anyone standing outside. But remember, this will be mirrored in the evening and everyone can see you walking around in your birthday suit,” she said.

Finally, Twinkle suggested adopting a neutral color scheme for the master bedroom because it gives the illusion of a larger, more open space. To make any space look bigger, try and draw the walls in a lighter color. I concluded that off-white or egg whites are the safest bets, but it shouldn’t be a white cleaner as if your walls were moved and tossed in the washer with some bleach.”

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