Tundra wins Group A, ties Liquid to top of Group B at ESL One Stockholm

Credit: Aaron E. Martinez/American Statesman/USA Today Network

While Tundra Esports snatched the top spot in Group A on Saturday, Team Liquid tied Team Spirit to the top of Group B with one day left in the group stage at ESL One Stockholm in Sweden.

Tundra continued her hot play in the event, posting a pair of sweepers 2-0 on Saturday with wins over both Beastcoast and BOOM Esports to remain unbeaten with four wins and a draw.

After losing 2-0 to TSM to start their day, Liquid secured a 2-0 victory over Spirit – whose 1-1 draw with TSM earlier in the day opened the door to a tie with the top spot at the top of the group.

Liquid and Spirit each had three wins, two defeats and a tie before Sunday.

Fourteen teams from around the world entered the season’s first major tournament (before mind games were ruled out), starting with two groups of seven in the group stage. All group stage matches are the best of the two. The top four teams in each group will advance to the top category of playoffs, and the fifth and sixth-placed teams will start in the lower category.

After the group stage finishes on Sunday, the playoffs will start on Monday with the best of three matches until the Best of Five Grand Final on May 22. The winning team will receive a grand prize of $200,000.

Dota Pro Circuit previously removed Mind Games from competition due to ongoing visa issues for several team members. Every team in Group B, including Spirit, received a tally in the win column.

Tundra started by throwing Best Coast in the 51st minute on the red color before sealing the first match with a 35-minute win over the green. He then sent the Tundra BOOM, winning in 37 minutes on the red and nearly 31 minutes on the green.

Team TSM put the heat on Liquid first by beating the red that took less than an hour to complete. Then TSM beat the second map in 39 minutes on the green to win the match.

After Spirit snatched an automatic win for the first time due to a Mind Games disqualification, Liquid succeeded in sweeping the ball by taking back-to-back maps in red, first at 41 minutes and last at 32 minutes.

Also in the first set, BetBoom scored two wins to move to second – winning 2-0 at Evil Geniuses with wins of 32 and 37 minutes on the green and hitting T1 twice on the red, winning in 33 and 42 minutes, respectively.

T1 and BOOM also played a 1-1 tie, with BOOM winning in 33 minutes on the red and T1 achieving a tie in 47 minutes on the green. The Geniuses also lost 2-0 to OG, dropping charts at 37 minutes (in red) and 43 minutes (in green).

In other Group B matches, Fnatic and Thunder Awaken competed for a 1-1 tie – with Fnatic winning the red in 22 minutes before a 36 minute victory over the green for Thunder.

Thunder tied again on Saturday against Jaemin Gladiators, with the Gladiators on the map winning for 46 minutes followed by Thunder winning for 27 minutes, also in green.

Fnatic also took credit for the win over the DQ’ed Mind Games team.

Sunday’s group stage ends with five matches – not including the scheduled Team Liquid-Mind Games match, which would count as a win for Liquid:
T1 vs Tundra Esports (Group A)
Evil Genius vs. Beast Coast (Group A)
OG vs. BetBoom Team (Group A)
Fnatic vs. Jaemin Gladiators (Group B)
Thunder Awaken vs. TSM (Group B)

ESL One Stockholm Group Stage standings (match record via WTL, map record):
Group A
1. Tundra Esports, 4-1-0, 9-1
2. Team BetBoom, 2-3-0, 7-3
3. T1, 2-2-1, 6-4
T4. BOOM Esports, 0-5-1, 5-7
T4. OG, 2-1-2, 5-5
6. Bestcost, 0-3-2, 3-7
7. Evil Geniuses, 0-1-4, 1-9

group b
T1. Team Liquid, 3-1-2, 7-5
T1. Team spirit, 3-1-2, 7-5
T3. Fanatic, 2-2-1, 6-4
T3. Gaimin Gladiators, 2-2-1, 6-4
T3. Thunder Awake, 2-2-1, 6-4
T3. TSM, 2-2-1, 6-4
DQ. Mind games, 0-0-6, 0-12

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