Toyota Supra Boasting Ridiculous 8-Feet Exhaust Pipes Goes For Head-Turning Drive

The Goonzquad brothers aimed for a combined total of 20 feet when they originally set out to modify the sports car.

YouTube channel goonzsquad drove a modified Toyota Supra around the streets that features one of the longest exhausts ever. The Toyota Supra already features a loud full exhaust system, yet the Goonzquad brothers thought that a new exhaust would make the ride even louder than before.

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More Modifications For The Already Modded Toyota Supra​​​​​​

Although the Toyota Supra has already had a lot of modification work and the existing exhaust still offers noise from its muffler, the team aims to create the longest exhaust ever by adding more length to the muffler.

The longest exhaust to exist is around 12-feet, according to Goonzquad. Therefore, their aim is to make the Toyota Supra’s exhaust around 20-feet long. The reason they chose this modded Toyota Supra is that it is pretty straightforward to change the exhaust. All that needs doing is to remove the exhaust tip and find the pipe to attach the new, and extremely long, muffler too. The team says that they will do whatever they can to break the world record, even if it means adding zip wires or braces to the back.

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Was The Modified Supra A Success?

It is clear that the team hopes to break the world record and in order to do so, they will do anything that they can. They manage to source a few pipes that are equally 8-feet in length and therefore, it is fortunate to say that they manage to pull off the world record and manage to extend the exhaust to 16-feet in length in total.

After adding an 8-foot pipe and testing it out, the team uses a ladder to add the further 8-foot and smash the world record. It sure is wobbly, but the pipes stay upright while driving, which makes this the first car to feature 16-feet exhaust pipes.

Overall, not only is the Toyota Supra unofficially gunning for one of the world’s longest exhaust pipes, but it is an earthshaker. The pop and gurgles that come from the end of the 8-feet pipes are insane. So much so that they turn everyone’s heads on the roads, at Walmart, and at the drive-thru. What an impeccable moment for the team, as not only did they smash the world record, but they made this Toyota Supra pretty unique.

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