Toyota Hyryder Strong Hybrid’s self-charging technology is explained in an official video

The launch date of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is just around the corner, and the SUV has already created quite a buzz for introducing a fully hybrid and self-charging powertrain option for the first time in its class. While its distant cousin the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara also gets the same powertrain, the earlier-arrival Urban Cruiser Hyryder. There is a lot of curiosity about this all-hybrid technology, and Toyota has simplified the work of the system with a video.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Toyota India, we can see the full operation of a self-charging hybrid electric vehicle, which was demonstrated with the help of a simulator. This car has two power sources, a gasoline engine and a high-voltage battery, which supplies power to the engine. There are two types of motor generators available in the vehicle, along with the inverter and converter assembly.

With this simulator, Toyota shows how the various functions of a self-charging hybrid electric vehicle come to life. The first feature of this powertrain is an idle start and stop system. When the vehicle stops, the engine and engine stops as well, which prevents wasted fuel and electrical energy and contributes to the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Hybrid . explained

The next feature of this powertrain is the electric vehicle (EV) mode. If the car is driven at a slow speed, the motor uses the power from the high voltage battery to drive the wheels. In this case, the gasoline engine remains off, which improves the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency and gives a quieter driving experience.

Then comes the self-charging feature of this hybrid electric vehicle, which is the most talked about feature of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. When the car is driven at a constant speed, the energy produced by the engine is used to drive the wheels and the first generator that generates the electricity used to charge the high voltage battery. This function eliminates the need to charge the hybrid vehicle from an external power source.

Then there is the engine assist function, where the engine’s power is used to drive the wheels of the car during acceleration. In addition, the energy from the high voltage battery is used to power the electric motor which helps the motor to obtain additional power. This gives quick acceleration and high power output in the hybrid electric vehicle.

Finally, the self-charging hybrid electric vehicle also features regenerative brakes. During braking, the second engine’s alternator acts as a generator that converts the energy generated from the wheels into electricity and charges the high voltage battery. This function increases fuel efficiency and brake pad life.

The video concludes with the high-voltage battery feature, which states that it features an automatic cut-off in case of any electrical problem. Prevents the possibility of any electric shock occurring in the vehicle.

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