Top 10 Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers Vignettes

Chip ‘n Dill: Rescue the Rangers It was a huge hit with fans of the original TV series and new viewers alike. It still sits in a new healthy new rating of 82%. rotten tomatoesThe film proved to be a spiritual successor to the beloved Who put Roger Rabbit.

It’s also unexpected, taking the beloved titular characters and giving the 1989 series new life. Given that Disney currently owns a variety of assets, the movie had a nearly unlimited ability to add as many characters as it wanted. This movie did not disappoint, as it featured many TV shows, movies, and more, which happen so fast that audiences might miss them.

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Darkwing duck

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Darkwing Duck Cameo

At the end of the animated credits, Darkwing is seen in a booth booing Rescue Rangers on stage. shouts, “We want Darkwing!” and “What a Malarkey load.”

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This is a fun nod to Darkwing duck The series that ran from 1991 to 1993 after Chip and Dale Rangers Rescue It ended in 1990. Likewise, it only lasted so long. For old-school fans of the older Disney animated series, this cameo was welcome. Now, of course, I will dark wing Get a similar treatment with a fun movie years after its TV show ended? Who do you know? Regardless, fans of the old show definitely got a chuckle from this cameo.

Linda Flynn Fletcher

Chip in Dale Rangers Main Street Rescue Linda Flynn Fletcher Phineas and Ferb Mom

Dale leads Chip to Main Street, where healthy characters sell contraband. Linda Flynn Fletcher from Phineas and FerbShe sells innocent-looking cakes to a pair of people on Main Street.

This inscription was harmless, but they could go a little further, considering Linda’s mother to Phineas and Ferb – two boys with a talent for adventure. While selling cakes, they could be seen running down the main street with various items in hand and trying to create a new invention. Regardless, he was a familiar face to a twenty-year-old pop fan Phineas and Ferb turns out.

Paul Road

Chip'n'N Dell Rangers Rescue Bull Road Ant-Man Cameo Fan-Con

At the conference, Paul Rudd, representative of ant Man, explains that his movie was originally going to be called “Aunt-Man,” and that his superpowers were incredibly charming to his aunts. Chip and Dale ran across his booth, frightening him.

One of the few notable live action movies in this movie, Paul Rudd’s appearance was a great sight for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The joke Rudd makes is also there, and the animated credits give a nod to it as well. With Rudd’s addition of the film, he shows how the possibilities for collaboration between multiple Disney franchises are essentially endless in the genre, and viewers are sure to get copious amounts of fan service.

Paula Abed with MC Skat Kat

Paula Abdul and Skat Cat in the Rescue Rangers trailer

When Chip, Dale, and the rest of the Rescue Rangers are at the club, MC Skat Kat is seen alongside Paula Abdul. MC Skat Kat is a character created for Paula Abdul’s music video for her song “Opposites Attract”.

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It can be inferred that they are promoting the song in the club because it is happening at the same time. It’s a fun nod to the year and shows how much research the film’s creators did to make world building as original as possible.

Randy March

Randy Marsh appears in the movie Rescue Rangers

Chip and Dale sneak through the bathroom in an attempt to steal Sweet Pete’s fitness tracker bracelet. As they make their way, they see Randy Marsh from South Park In the sauna with two animatronic pigs.

Randy Marsh is seen not paying much attention to talking pigs, trying to relax. After dealing with stress and kids from South ParkWho does he blame? Randy also didn’t say anything during his screening, which is probably best not to use the language used in the show in a family-friendly movie. However, it is definitely an entertainment option, especially for fans South Park To see such a character in a PG movie.

It’s the man and the skeleton

Man and skeleton sign autographs in Rescue Rangers

He-Man and Skeletor are seen at a conference booth promoting the show He-Man and Masters of the Universe. He-Man notices when Chip and Dale run under her. Skeletor jokes how He-Man lacks pants and notices every breeze.

It’s a fun addition, considering how He-Man and Skeletor remain in character outside of the TV show (as are the rest of the characters in the movie, it seems), and may have been added to the movie due to the creation of the latest series Masters of the Universe: Revelation. By killing two birds with one stone, the inclusion of He-Man and Skeletor in the film promotes the new franchise as well as giving a nod to older niche audience members and catering to their nostalgia.


Smiling cubicle in Chip 'n Deal: Rescue the Rangers.

Chasing Chip and Dale, Jimmy the polar bear accidentally grabs Cubby Peter Pan. Cubby enthusiastically greets Sweet Pete before awkwardly mentioning that he’s getting old, and Sweet Pete replies that “Death is coming for all of us, boy.”

This is a fun reference, considering Sweet Pete is supposed to be Peter Pan, better known as the boy who will never grow up, despite not having his trusty friend Tinkerbell. Cubby’s inclusion also highlights how Disney’s old days of comic innocence and fantasy pass, giving way to realism…even in an animated and funny movie like this. Surely, the audience laughed at this addition to the film.


Chip'n'N Deal Rescue Rangers Flounder Little Mermaid Engraving

blunder from the little Mermaid defaults on krill payments. After failing to negotiate freedom with the “dinglehopper”, he was taken from his home. After that, his appearance was surgically altered, and he was forced to create illegal films.

The idea of ​​taking lovable characters, kidnapping them, changing their looks, and forcing them to participate in lower-class films is a much darker plot for a Disney family movie. Given that it happens to one of the most beloved characters from a princess movie, it makes what happened all the more tragic. Flounder’s inclusion shows that no matter how pure and innocent a movie’s character may be, they are not immune to the dangers of this world.

Pumbaa, bob, and the mantis

Rescue Figures Chip N Dale Pumbaa Mantis BOB Seth Rogen

Bomba from the king lion BOB from monsters. Aliens and Mantis from kung fu panda They all appear together at the conference. This refers to Seth Rogen’s previous characters as he also voices Bob, the Vikings, in the film.

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This is a great addition to the movie, considering the variety of characters Rogen has played and considering how many of these characters are in Disney movies (or related movies). It might also have been easier to achieve, considering that Rogen had already signed on to play a character in that movie. It’s a nice ode to Rogen’s earlier work, and Rogen fans surely enjoyed seeing all three characters on screen at the same time.

Roger Rabbit and the Three Little Pigs

Chip in Dale Rangers Rescue Three Little Pigs Roger Rabbit Scene

At the height of their careers, Chip, Dale, and the rest of the lifeguards were spotted at a club. There, Chip and Dale dance with the Three Little Pigs, from the 1933 movie of the same name, and Roger Rabbit, from Who put Roger Rabbit.

Having Roger Rabbit in this movie means more than just a cameo. After all, this movie drew a lot of inspiration from the movie (from a mix of live-action and animation to a mysterious detective premise). The inclusion of Roger Rabbit is a hugely inspiring choice to indicate the creators’ love for the genre, and great to see for fans who were fans of similar movies in the past. In addition, the presence of the Three Little Pigs there is a reminder of the huge amount of cinematic research that went into this film.

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