Today’s Pick: 1983 Honda Prelude

It was the late ’90s and I was an assistant manager at Blockbuster Music, the short-lived music store from Blockbuster Video that was bought by The Wherehouse.

The cashier, some administrative duties and storage racking with Fiona Apple, Savage Garden and Oasis CDs was great work, but the salary wasn’t much. You need a car. I think my family and friends were tired of me cycling to and from the Santa Rosa Marketplace five times a week.

My way to the store had a lot of used cars along the way and I was window shopping as I drove. Since my financial reality was playing a strong role in my next car purchase, I noticed a nice silver Honda introduction at the Cars R’ Us show for $2000.

This wasn’t a king’s ransom, but it would completely wipe out the bare minimum of my savings. On my next day off, I took a ride from my dad to Cars R’ Us and checked out Prelude up close. It had a solid appearance, few scratches, some paint oxidation, automatic transmission, and it worked just fine. Most importantly, it has a CD player and an upgraded sunroof.

I bought it straight away and started my two year business with the 1984 Honda Introduction. As with many purchases from a lot of used cars, I had some mechanical issues, specifically the dual carburetors were a nightmare that should continue to be tuned, but it kept me going back and forth .

Pick of the Day is a 1983 Honda Prelude (click on link to view ad) advertised for sale on by a dealer in Cadillac, Michigan.

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