Tiger Woods once made an honest confession about his 20-year rivalry and his relationship with Phil Mickelson

The golf world was in disbelief when they saw Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson training together ahead of the 2018 Masters. Until then, fans had only seen them trash talking to each other or trying to beat the other. It was the first time that they played together, remarkably, as a team, exchanging laughter and having a good time.

“Our friendship has gotten stronger over the years,” Woods said after their training session. “We’ve had a great battle of 20 years, hopefully we’ll have more” he added. “But we understand where we are in the game now compared to when we were in our early twenties.”

MickelsonOn the other hand, he revealed that he always respected Woods for being a great golfer. He also admired his competitor for bringing more revenue into the game, especially the increase in portfolios and sponsorships.


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Woods He started playing professionally in 1996 and changed the outlook for the sport with his fitness and great golfing. According to reports, the winnings for the first money on the tour increased by almost 84% 10 years after they started playing professional golf. The report also states that his involvement in the sport helped Tour players become 22% richer than they were.

How did Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson become friends?

From playing as a team to showing each other their tricks, Mickelson Woods shared several friendly moments during a training session at Augusta National. However, their friendship did not blossom overnight, but rather over the years, Woods stated.

According to Mickelson, their relationship began to change after they worked together in the 2016 Ryder Cup. Notably, Tiger Woods was one of the co-leaders of the prestigious team event, and Phil Mickelson was a part of Team USA. “When we worked together for a common goal,” The hero has been revealed 6 times. “It made us even closer.”

Woods vs Mickelson – Career Overview Over the Years

Mickelson began his career as a professional golfer in 1992. He has won more than 50 titles worldwide, including six major championships and three world championships. Moreover, he is one of the players who joined the new LIV Golf Invitational series.


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Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson prepare to compete in the 2022 PGA Championship | Courtesy: Getty Images

On the other hand, Woods became a professional after four years of Mickelson’s career. He has won more than 100 titles worldwide, including 15 majors and 18 world championships. Although the Saudi-backed league offered him nearly a billion to play for them, Woods stayed with the Tour and its legacy.

Woods and Mickelson have played in the same groups 38 times throughout their football career. Notably, Woods has won 19 times, while the latter has won 15 times.


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They have been professional competitors their entire career, trying to beat the other. However, the two are more like friends now that they have played decades together.

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