This Volkswagen Golf 1 R500 Gets Serious With A Widebody Kit In Rendering

A clever digital artist lets their imagination juices flow to transform this iconic hot hatch into this aggressively low and wide track car.

The digital car rendering world is full of some highly talented artists. These artists know exactly how to produce some amazing pieces of work, and let their imaginations run riot. All without actually touching a wheel on the car.

One very talented artist is Carmstyledesign. They feature their renders on YouTube and Instagram, and their latest one is this epic Volkswagen Golf 1 R500 that now has a wild widebody kit on it that totally transforms the iconic Volkswagen hot hatchback.

A Wild And Racy Looking Golf

This Golf is one racy looking car with a lot of changes. The front sees a lot of those too. Below the bumper area, the car now has extra bodywork, with a splitter added to aid performance from the front end and to bulk up the car’s appearance. Behind all that are massive wheel fenders, arching over much bigger wheels and tires, and these really beef up the side profile of the Golf.

The grille area is also changed, with it cleaned up without VW badging plus different, and more modern, headlights. The hood also has a huge bulge, hinting at more power under it.

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More Changes Down The Golf’s Side

There are plenty more changes down the side of the Golf too. For starters, we see the wild and insane looking wheel design. The renderer has added some black, star-spoke style wheels to the Golf that blend in nicely with the blue that the car is in. These look pretty cool with the renderer’s logo in the center of the wheel as well.

Down the side of the car, the widebody trend continues. There are now extended side skirts, while the fenders extend outwards at the front and rear with vents to channel the air through them.

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A Very Aggressive Rear End To The Hot Hatch

The back of the Golf has also seen some pretty major changes. First of all, we notice how much extra width the larger fenders have added to the car. The Golf looks massive from the back angle. And then we see the massive diffuser that our renderer has added, with some deep black lines to really allow it to stand out.

The rear fascia of the car, like at the front, is now tidied up, with only updated taillights and a custom license plate present on the back of the car. The rear also allows us to see just how big the new tires on the Golf are, too.

Source: Carmstyledesign YouTube Channel

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