This should be a walk in the park to get a Dodge Charger Hellcat

In this drag race we see the mighty Hellcat go head-to-head with a muscle car, let’s see who will win.

Everyone loves drag racing, watching two very fast and competitive machines head on. The Wheels YouTube channel regularly uploads some great drag racing videos to their website, and the latter is no exception. In this short video, we see a Dodge Charger Hellcat challenging a stronghold Mustang EcoBoost, in an impressive drag race between two very cool cars.

The two cars are getting ready for battle

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any specs for the two cars in the video, but we can see that they are both great looking cars. The Hellcat Charger looks amazing in silver, with black stripes running across it from front to back. The Mustang has a simpler color scheme, but it looks great in its metallic red, which glows well under floodlights. It is possible that the two cars had some form of modification and tuning additions added to them, but unfortunately the video did not mention anything about that.

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Tires warm up

We see both machines warm up their tires in the traditional way before they reach the starting line. In terms of regular cars, the Hellcat should have plenty of power on hand. It should have at least 707 hp, while the standard Mustang EcoBoost has 310 hp, for the 2022 model anyway. The Hellcat should have the advantage, but that’s also before we take any tweaks to the two into account. On paper, though, it’s the Hellcat Charger that should easily win.

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Let the drag race begin

Preparations completed, line-up cars at the start of the 1/4 mile run to see who’s coming in front. When the lights turn green, it’s the Charger that gets a better firing, although the Mustang’s firing wasn’t too bad.

As we all expected, the Charger Hellcat won the race with ease, clocking a 1/4 mile pass in a time of 10.53 seconds and a top speed of 130.37 mph. Meanwhile, the Mustang EcoBoost did it in 12.445 seconds, with a top speed of 116.28 mph. Therefore, it was a little slower than the Hellcat, which shows the advantage that all that extra power brings.

Source: Wheels YouTube Channel

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