This secret button in your car saves gas and improves driving comfort

Temperatures are starting to rise, and soon many of us will be experiencing the scorching summer heat. In the summer, it is especially annoying when you get into the hot cabin of the car. However, there is a secret button in your car, one that not many people know about, that can help reduce that annoying feeling and make your ride more comfortable. Moreover, this secret button helps to save gas.

Press the air recirculation button in your car and enjoy a more comfortable ride

Inside a Mercedes-Benz | Samuel Erico Beccarini via Unsplash

Most new cars have an air recirculation button on the dashboard. It usually has a “car symbol and a U-shaped arrow inside”. According to Edyn Tires & Service via an article on Yahoo News, “The air recirculation button effectively cuts outside air into the vehicle’s interior to ‘recirculate the air inside your vehicle’.”

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