This is the value today’s classic Jaguar E-Type deserves

If there was a memorial that looked like Mount Rushmore to the most famous car from every auto-producing country, it would probably look something like this. The Toyota 3000 GT is from Japan, the Ferrari 250 is from Italy, and the C2 split-window Chevy Corvette is from the US. But what about the miserable old England? Well, in our minds, this is the easiest decision in the world.

electronic type Jaguar It was as nice to drive as it was to be seen. Over 14 years of delightful production. Greats of its era like the Corvette and Ferrari were either fatter and slower or faded entirely, unlike the Vette, which had an embarrassing period where it was too slow to be comedic. The Model E has forever been the slim, cool, rear-wheel drive British sports car it was always meant to be. But how willing are you to ditch one of these beauties from the ’60s and ’70s in your driveway today? Well, that will probably cost you a bit more than the soulful equivalent successor, the F-Type Jaguar would probably cost.

Is the E-Type Jag your dream car? You are not alone, so let’s take a deep look at understanding why buying one would be such a huge investment.

There with Spitfire in terms of British achievements

Some people complain that too many of the best scientific and mechanical advances of the last 50 years or so have come from places like Japan or Germany or the American people may forget that there was a time when the British were so laughable almost before anyone else .

Sometime in the early 1950s, dozens of car companies called the UK their motherland. In this boom period of British manufacturing, cars like the Jaguar D-Type race car shown above forged the technology that can be found in the E-Type road car.

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Angel club jet set

In the same way that countless celebrities have used cars like the Mercedes G-Wagon as a symbol of their “access” to the world of today’s rich and affluent, E-Type had a list of owners who would make their G-Wagon blush. Frank Sinatra, racing icon Steve McQueen, Count Basie, George Best, and Charlton Heston among many others at one time during their lives drove their cars and loved their electronic types.

Chances of finding the exact VIN number for the cars any of these celebrities owned might one day be a giant lottery ticket. Because the value on those cars can easily exceed six figures and then some. If Kanye West, Jay-Z, or Beyonce were around in the late ’60s, they likely would have been added to that shortlist of pop culture kings.

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Three generations of British creativity

The Jaguar Series One E-Type and Corvette split-window are among the most beautiful cars ever built. It also had the ability to keep up with the Vette’s, 3.8- and 4.2-liter series six-cylinder engines with a lightweight aluminum chassis on independent suspension at all four corners meaning the car was agile. The E-Type was the archetypal British sports car that people made.

The Series Three is distinctly different from the previous two generations, with different front-facing styles, larger wheels, and the addition of a Jaguar 5.3L V12 engine. An engine design that lasted long into the 1990s and only missed the start of the new millennium by three years. All model years were available in a two-door hardtop or convertible.

Roadsters are valuable because they give you all the splendor and conditions of an E-Type with the fresh air around you while the engine sings with the sound of a swan. Even then, it’s almost objectively difficult to look at the better of the two and perhaps even the best looking car ever.

Get ready to hit your bank account

Make no mistake, E Type Jaguars weren’t small cars that were made only a few each year, but that doesn’t mean they’re in abundance especially in the States. For an all-original example, a still-good-but-not-good-for-$64K E-six on Classic Autotrader. A new 1970 E-Type showroom is also available on the same site for just under $100,000.

Want a glamorous convertible? Hopefully you have close to a quarter of a million dollars, and if you try to get a bank loan for that car, you’ll probably outgrow the car before the payments run out. Don’t bother buying a Type E if you’re not ready to throw in some serious dough. If you don’t have that kind of money, buy a C2 Corvette instead. It’s that easy.

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