This is how much a 2009 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport cost today

There are few cars that shaped a generation like Bugatti Veron. Most people in their twenties will have vivid memories of seeing the French supercar’s round-edged weapon with its massive engine hitting the fastest speed of a production car ever. Changing the game early on, Veyron set new expectations for what a supercar was. It was a product of tremendous technological engineering and was very pioneering at the time.

It will never be cheap. Well received, Bugatti did some iterations of the Veyron, which ended up in the model that’s been in production for over 10 years. Then during the 2008 Pebble Beach Concourse, Bugatti decided to unveil a project very appropriate for the occasion, the car we’re talking about today, the Bugatti Veyron Grand-Sport.

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Fastest car in the world

After the uproar that surrounded the world speed record, everyone wanted a Veyron. It was the car you should own. TV was ubiquitous, kids had posters of it on their walls, and the atmosphere was as cool as a car can get. Despite this, the design, with its bulbous front arches and rounded finish, was still a source of judgment. But regardless of appearance, the car was undoubtedly an aerodynamic bullet, and everyone wanted to own the “fastest car in the world”.

The Bugatti Veyron was a sensation, carrying an 8.0-liter, four-cylinder W16 engine, essentially equal to two inline V8s split together. Carefully adopted, power output is 987 horsepower along with an impressive 922 pound-feet of torque. That kind of crazy power was mated to an electronically controlled dual-clutch automatic transmission for a shift time of less than 150 milliseconds and the car rode on permanent all-wheel drive.

The original Veyron was always a future classic. It was not intended to be a “driver’s car”. The whole purpose of the Veyron was to be considered one of the greatest engineering wonders the automobile industry had ever seen. With the new look of the W16 engine and a total of 3 intercoolers and 10 radiators to keep it going. The 254MP top speed was the real selling point. As impressive as that feat was, if you were going for a V-max tour, the Bugatti Veyron would be drinking a tank in 15 minutes and needing a new set of tires (not cheap).

Buying a Veyron Grand Sport

The Grand Sport is basically the top Targa version of the world record-breaking car. Only 150 of them were to be made, and the first 50 of them were previously allocated to the best Bugatti customers. And if, like the rest of us, you’re not one of those, there’s always the flea market. Although there are a few of them, they are getting increasingly difficult to reach as they find their way into the secret car caves of the wealthy. Let’s take a look at how much you’ll have to spray if you want to have a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport in your garage.

The first thing to consider here is the supply and demand chain. The number of millionaires around the world is much greater than the number of Bugatti Veyrons. And what’s more, just like fortune, Veyrons are spread all over the world, so there is not a single place with a high concentration of them for sale. However, at the time of writing this (Feb 22), there are 3 for sale in the UK alone. There are a few across the Middle East too, so let’s take a look.

The first is a clean example in the outskirts of London. This 2,200-mile example is absolutely stunning. Finished in cream white with fully lined black leather and silver wheels, it could be yours for $1.82 million. There is also one in the UAE, Dubai to be exact, but the price is only available upon request, no doubt it will be more than $2 million.

There are also two other examples in the UK. This seems to be where all the Veyron Grand Sports cars ended. One great example of a blue and white contrast is the $2.16 million and only 2,000 miles on the clock. The other comes in at just under $2.1 million, in what appears to be the most common spec for one, white on black leather.

If you’re in the market for one, you can definitely get your hands on one. Only if you have over $1.75 million to spend. Prices seem to be going up, too. This is likely to be a serious investment for collectors and will undoubtedly gain legendary status in the years to come. The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport is a full-size, open-top version of the car that changed the industry.

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