This Highly Reviewed Outdoor Daybed Is 33% Off On Amazon

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Whether you’re doing it with a drink in hand or with a few friends, it’s hard to deny how much a good lounge chair really amplifies the experience of soaking up the summer sun. But searching for the perfect outdoor furniture to use season after season can leave you with uncomfortable or expensive dead ends.

If so, Safavieh’s Outdoor Collection Cadeo Daybed could just be the solution of your dreams. Not only is it a spacious and comfortable chair that can enhance your outdoor work setting from the home or evening cocktail hours, but it’s 33 percent off on Amazon.

The daybed, which easily sleeps at least two adults (and possibly a couple of pets, if they’re lucky!), promises resort-style design and comfort—and delivers both, per customer reviews. The simple and elegant gray frame is complemented by coordinating gray throw pillows and pillows and should blend in perfectly with your existing outdoor decor. Shoppers are swapping out worn, tired outdoor furniture on balconies, patios, pool decks, and beyond with this one piece because it offers more space than a standard lounge chair and plenty of ergonomic comfort.

Buy it! Savavieh Outdoor Collection Cadeo Daybed, $541.75 (originally $814);

Although it may seem like a large and cumbersome assembly, reviewers stress that although it is a bit “boring”, the setup is simple enough to be handled by one person. (And the payoff is worth every moment spent collecting.) If the perfect summer includes outdoor movie evenings (one reviewer’s preferred use), al fresco dining on the patio with your partner, or plenty of reading in the sun, all buyers are guaranteed. The daybed is a great eyeliner.

One shopper testified in a five-star review: “The pillows are comfy [and] It wasn’t too difficult to put together. They also added, ‘It’s the perfect outdoor daybed for reading and lounging. ”

The only criticism many reviewers share is that the cushions can slip a little too easily, a problem that is quickly and affordably resolved by adding a few non-slip rug handles. However, despite any slight inconveniences from the moving cushions, reviews are generally glowing, urging one to “buy it ASAP when you see it available”.

Another reviewer exclaimed, “This is perfection! The price point is unaffordable for such a comfortable and beautiful piece of outdoor furniture!” Plus, if you add a side table for your drink and an umbrella to block some of those rays, you’ll have created a welcoming outdoor space to enjoy all season long.

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