This Chevrolet super-smooth Monte Carlo becomes an experience disaster

At one time or another, every gearhead will invest a lot of time, money, and effort into a car that refuses to function properly. Whether it’s a future classic or a family keepsake, there are plenty of good reasons we keep unloading countless resources into a car we have a romantic relationship with.

However, there also comes a point in every project when we hit a standstill and hope to get the car in good shape again to pass on to the next enthusiast.

This is the case for auto character Jason Ficcara and 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was built for cannon racing. Because after getting the car from a fellow Defender running enthusiast thanks to some questionable circumstances, she couldn’t even go home without having to rebuild the transmission. Sitting with Ed Bolian and VINwiki, Jason Ficcara explains how he ended up with the Monte Carlo that no one wanted.

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Cannon refused to operate

Even after miraculously winning the 2018 Cannonball Run, former owner Tom knew Monte Carlo’s time was going too far after DNF (not over) in 2017 and 2019.

So when VINwiki hosted a charity car auction involving past cannon cars, Tom knew this was his chance to wipe his hands off the car he dubbed “Ultra-Beige.”

Also in attendance was Ficarra, who, like any good friend, wanted only to bid on several cars to raise more money for auction and charity. However, when the clock struck zero, Jason realized that his parody of $12,904 was the winning bid in Monte Carlo.

It didn’t last long before it collapsed

After reluctantly paying the purchase price, this was just the start for Jason, as he now had to get a Monte Carlo from the Rust Belt to his California home.

He starts right from the start wondering if the car will succeed after he feels the engine pull. Soon, he found himself on the side of the road in Wyoming with a malfunctioning transmission.

Forced to wait several hours in the bitter cold for a tow truck, Jason managed to get to the nearest Penske with moments to spare before closing in and ending the rest of the journey unhindered. Except for the $3,500 repair bill for dispatch, of course.

We can only imagine that this will be the last time Jason plans to make a “friendly” show after learning an expensive $15,000 lesson.

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