“Thief Switch Tactics,” says Linda Annis – Surrey Now-Leader

Linda Ennis says the thieves are changing their tactics.

Anees, CEO of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, held a media event in Cloverdale June 23 to highlight crime prevention tips as the summer holiday season begins.

“The scammers are coping,” said Anees, who is also a Surrey city councilor, because so many people have alarms and video cameras. She said thieves are now stealing things outside the home and stealing cars too.

“The police tell us that using garage door openers is the biggest thing,” Anees said. “Just a few years ago, the main thing was to warn homeowners how to prevent scammers from breaking into doors and windows, but affordable home alarms and video equipment are starting to change that for the better.”

Despite this, Anis said homeowners still forget “simple things” like remembering to lock their car doors. This allows thieves to grab garage door openers and enter homes through the garage, and possibly also find unlocked interior doors.

“There’s no need to smash windows or lock your veneered doors if they can open the garage door,” she explained. “If the door from the garage to your house wasn’t locked, you just told thieves to ‘directly come in’. And don’t leave a spare key under a flower pot either. Everyone knows it.”

Anis also said don’t leave anything outside your house, whether you’re at home or not. She added that leaving a ladder lying around was “a no-brainer” because thieves could use it to enter unlocked second-floor windows.

“Ensuring that things are placed outside the home gives us an opportunity to take precautionary measures.”

Anis also reminded the audience that “crime plugs” are an important tool to help stop crime. She said that while video cameras and alarm systems help, they can provide a false sense of security that can lead to complacency.

She said, “See something, say something.” “Scammers don’t go on vacation. If you see something unusual in your area, call the police immediately. Or, if you know who is behind the break-ins on your street, send an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers. Your negligence may result in an arrest, and possibly a reward of up to 5000 dollars.

In addition to providing general advice, Anees offered a “9 by 9” checklist to help prevent crime (see below).

Nine things Anis’s common sense to check every night at 9 pm

1. Remove everything from the inside of your car – from valuables and open garage doors to empty bottles and spare parts.

2. Roll up the car windows tightly and lock all the doors.

3. Make sure all garage doors are locked and locked, including the interior door that leads from the garage into your home.

4. Shut down stairs, bikes and even garden equipment.

5. Close and lock all doors and windows in your home, even if it’s hot.

6. Set an alarm and check video security equipment – Can you see front door activity on your phone app?

7. Leave the balcony light on all night, so your front door doesn’t hide in the dark.

8. Make sure you pick up boxes from online deliveries quickly from your front step.

9. Ask a neighbor to pick up newspapers and flyers at your door while you’re away – a pile of papers on the doorstep says, “Nobody’s home.”

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