These Model Years Honda Civic Might Make You Money

Buying an affordable family sedan seems like a good move for obvious reasons such as practicality, reliability and efficiency. However, in some cases, such as some Honda Civic model years, cars can pay their owners. Specifically, the Honda Civic 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 have an above-average resale and trading value. This means that Civic owners may be able to make money on their already sensible purchases and get some cash back in their pockets.

Honda Civic | Anosak Lawilas, Getty Images

Is Honda Civic a good car?

Honda Civic is known for reliability, affordability, and versatility. The 2022 Civic offers seven classes and a redesigned look for the latest model year. I ditched the tough exterior design of the 2016-2021 models for a simpler, less flashy interface. However, the redesign didn’t bring enough refresh to satisfy reviewers at Consumer Reports (CR). CR stated that the 2022 Civic, while offering excellent fuel economy and an optional manual transmission, failed to impress in terms of refinement. Specifically, the 2022 model has a solid ride, and its dimensions make it difficult to get in and out.

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