These Classic Cars Are Surprisingly Cheap To Maintain

Cars are cars, right? Well, not exactly. On one side, there’s the modern automobiles that could pass for spaceships. These have every feature and amenity known to mankind. On the other side, you have classic automobiles with mostly brutish lines, spartan interiors, and horrendous gas mileage.
Regardless of how they look and drive, some do have a deep love for classic automobiles. If classic automobiles are your cup of tea, and you can barely look at modern cars without feeling like giving them a kick in the guts, here are some classic automobiles that might be for you.

10 1969 Dodge Charger

The 1969 Dodge Charger is almost as big as a battleship and about as menacing! This car was available in a variety of engine capacities and had both manual and automatic transmission models. At the moment, the 1969 Dodge Charger is crazy popular and crazy expensive.

Shell out for a model in good shape though, and you get a car you can use as a daily driver and maintain amazingly cheaply. But only buy this ride if you need fellas on the street to start noticing you!
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9 1968 Ford Mustang

Those who want to get the good old days rolling by as sweetly as fresh maple syrup just like Steve McQueen in Bullitt might opt ​​to do that in a 1968 Ford Mustang! One of the easiest to maintain classic cars out there, this hot rod has the looks to shame a supermodel and enough power to knock out a boxer.

A sweet-riding 1968 Ford Mustang is not very easy to come across and getting one in good condition is one of the most uplifting things in the world.

8 1954 Jeep CJ-5

The Jeep CJ-5 is basically the civilian model of the Jeep that America used to great effect in defending the cause of liberty, peace, and justice during World War 2. Given its noble heritage, the CJ-5 was, as to be expected , virtually indestructible.

Sure, this compact car is not exactly packed full of creature comforts and might get you some odd looks at the mall, but few other rides can do better when it comes to ease of maintenance and conquering the baddest roads in your neck of woods!

7 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

A classic car like a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is a work of art, and a rather reliable one too. This looker is one of the most heavily sought-after classic cars on the market and its price reflects that fact.

Engine options include a V8, though a slant 6 option might be preferable if massive fuel bills get you feverish! Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many Barracudas out there at the moment, which means you might have to pay through the nose for one!
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6 Mercedes-Benz W123

The Mercedes-Benz W123 is an executive car that’s almost as big as a cruise liner! Profusely produced from late 1975 to early 1986, examples can still be seen hard at work moving goods and services in Africa and elsewhere.

These vehicles are legendary in their ability to traverse the toughest of terrains and take the sickest abuse without faltering. They are reliable in the extreme and more than cheap to maintain regardless of the pocket depth of the owner.

5 Lexus LS400

The Lexus LS400 was a car that shook up the luxury car sector, putting fear into its opponents! It was matchless, boasting build quality, power, and presence that other car manufactures had yet to manage at such a low price.

It was also as reliable as your grandma’s cooking pot as well as cheap and easy to maintain. The LS400 was the perfect way for the newly established Lexus to show off its seriousness and buying a model right now sure does make a boatload of sense!

4 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass

The Oldsmobile Cutlass was manufactured from 1969-1999. The Cutlass featured a wide range of body sizes, from a station wagon to a coupe, and was notable for its peaked nose. It also had a reputation for not requiring heavy maintenance.

Should you spring for the 1969 iteration, there is of course a V8 engine option available. Even better, this classic car is one of the cheapest on the market.
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3 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Ever wondered what might happen when the classic Volkswagen Beetle had a child with a convertible? Well, the result of this coupling is there to see in the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, a 2+2 coupe/convertible, which had the internals of the Type 1 Beetle and a body that was better, different in every way.

Produced from 1954-1974, the Karmann Ghia can ladle some new style into your life! All versions are a breeze to maintain, with the 1969 variant being especially so and deserving of a space in your garage!

2 E28 BMW 5-Series

This is the second generation of BMW’s iconic 5-series automobiles, and it sure does look impressive! With a production run of from 1981-1988, the BMW E28 is a normal-sized car with outsize ambitions and capability.

Smooth and easy to drive and addictive to be in, this soul-mover was quite the catch and still is. If you are looking for a reasonably cheap classic car whose maintenance requirements won’t give you a permanent migraine, this could well be it!

1 1964 Pontiac GTO

The production run of the Pontiac GTO was from 1964-1974, though it was relaunched in 2004. Anyway, this happens to be one of these classic cars you want to drive into the sunset on every available occasion!

The GTO was basically a street-legal racer powered by a V8 engine of boundless energy. The 1964 model is an excellent choice for those who want a barely-restrained rocket they can maintain with ease. Sure, it is not the easiest car to drive, but it could be the most fun!
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