These are the most popular vehicles for every generation (2021)

From Zoomers to Boomers, these are the most popular cars for every generation of driver in 2021.

Each generation has its own unique and specific experiences, characteristics, and consumer preferences. Whether it’s a side-versus-centric debate on TikTok or the right amount to tip at a restaurant, Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers have all shaped their signature opinions of the world.

These generational divisions could hold true for vehicle preferences. Despite the changing values ​​and top priorities that each generation holds for the vehicle models it chooses – not to mention the ever-evolving market – there are some factors that make certain cars the perfect choice for a wide range of consumers. Some cars are superstars for more than one generation, and are attractive to drivers from all walks of life. To see how car preferences differ and overlap between different generations of American drivers, data scientists at Insurify analyzed the numbers to determine the most popular vehicles for Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z drivers.


national averages. According to Insurify’s 2021 Insight on the Most Popular Cars in America, the Ford F-Series Pickup is the most owned vehicle in the United States. The average MSRP for a new vehicle is $41,044 as of July 2021, according to recent data from J.D. Power’s Automotive Forecast. The cheapest models are popular across the board. The most popular cars across all generations, perhaps not surprisingly, are all models with a good reputation and practical price. All models in the rating have an MSRP of less than the national average for a new vehicle on the market in 2021. The average American driver clearly gravitates toward vehicles that have stood the test of time as long-term examples of safety, durability, and reliability. There is some consistency between models across multiple generations, particularly between Generation Z and Millennials and between Gen X and Baby Boomers, which shows that while generations may have different specific car preferences, some models can override those preferences with their broad appeal.


The research team at Insurify, a car insurance quote comparison site, referenced their database of over 4 million auto insurance apps to determine the most popular car for each generation. When submitting car insurance applications, drivers provide information including their age, make and model of vehicle.

The Insurify data scientists looked at age subgroups for each driver generation (Generation Z includes drivers ages 15-24; Millennials includes drivers 25-41; Generation X includes drivers 42-56). Boomers include drivers between the ages of 57 and 77) and calculate the share of drivers for each car model. The two best car models with the highest share of owners were identified as the most popular cars of each generation. The base price and mileage for each vehicle are derived from the manufacturer’s website and reflect the latest vehicle model on the market.

The most popular cars for millennials

In 2021, the most popular car for millennials was the Honda Accord: 3.13% of millennials drive an Accord, the highest share of any single model. The Honda Accord is also the most popular vehicle for the Generation Z, while the Ford F-Series pickup is the vehicle of choice for the General X and Baby Boomers.

The most popular vehicles of every generation

childbearing child

1. Ford F Series Pickup

Percentage of children who drive: 3.94% MSRP: $29,290: 25 cities/26 highways

2. Toyota Camry

Percentage of children who drive: 2.53% MSRP: $25295 (MPG): 28 cities / 39 highways


The Ford F-Series Pickup is the top choice for Baby Boomers, followed by the Toyota Camry. Although the Baby Boomer generation owns more than half of the total wealth of American households, according to Insurance Magazine, they still gravitate as a whole toward lower-priced car models. The Camry and F-Series Pickup both have affordable prices and solid mileage, so it’s no wonder drivers with years of road experience often prefer these reliable and reputable models.

tenth generation

1. Ford F Series Pickup

Share of Generation X’ers ​​driving: 3.26% MSRP: $29,290: 25 cities/26 highways

2. Honda Accord

Share of Generation X’ers ​​driving: 2.60% MSRP: $24,970 (MPG): 30 cities/38 highways

Generation X may be less talked about in intergenerational debates, especially when compared to their millennial counterparts, but this “inter” generation is no less present in the auto market. Generation X makes up nearly 20% of the population and owns 26.9% of the country’s household wealth in 2021, representing a large consumer base. Like Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers ​​are part of the Ford F-Series Pickup and mid-size vehicles. However, Gen X’ers ​​prefer the Honda Accord as their sedan of choice.

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1. Honda Accord

Share of millennials who drive: 3.13% MSRP: $24,970 (MPG): 30 cities/38 highways

2. Nissan Altima

Share of millennials who drive: 2.87% MSRP: $24.550: 28 cities / 39 highways

The most well-studied and perhaps the most underrated yet, millennials have often been misleadingly criticized for their spending habits: They’ve been blamed for the demise of diamonds, low marriage rates, and they’ve been chastised for enjoying avocado toast. When it comes to their favorite cars, millennials spoil their petty reputation, as both the most popular vehicles for their generation class are practical and affordable choices. Unlike Baby Boomers and Gen X, both top choices for millennials are mid-size sedans; 3.13 percent of millennials drive Honda Accords and 2.87 percent choose Nissan Altimas.

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General Z

1. Honda Accord

Share of General Zers driving: 4.63% MSRP: $24,970 (MPG): 30 cities/38 highways

2. Honda Civic

Share of General Zers driving: 4.00% MSRP: $21,700: 31 cities / 40 highways

The country’s newest drivers are the most ethnically diverse and technologically connected generation to date, and they show a strong drive to fight for social change amid an uncertain future. While many Gen Z’ers haven’t yet become drivers themselves, those of a licensed age are at least partially following in the footsteps of millennials who came before them. The most popular cars for generation Z drivers are Hondas. The top choice is the Honda Accord, which is driven by 4.63 percent of Generation Z drivers, followed by the Honda Civic. Hondas are less expensive than other new cars on the market and more fuel efficient, making them ideal choices for new drivers in a generation that prioritizes lower carbon emissions.

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