These are the coolest features of the 2021 Lamborghini Urus

If you’re familiar with Lamborghini’s rich history, you know the Urus isn’t its first attempt at making an SUV. However, Lamborghini has come a long way since the funky LM002. Dubbed the “world’s first ultra-high performance sports car,” the Urus is so well chiseled that it doesn’t try very hard to look cool.

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Since its introduction in 2017, it has become Lamborghini The Urus has enjoyed huge popularity, which has led the brand to constantly upgrade and improve its features. As a result, for 2021 the Urus is available with even more impressive looks and impeccable characteristics that ensure this ailing Lamborghini will remain unforgettable for a long time.

10 Mathematical and dynamic profile

The Urus is by far the largest Lamborghini on the market today. Although this 4,850-pound beast boasts the unimaginable sportsmanship that allows it to steer and handle the sedan. However, at first glance, the giant 23-inch Lamborghini Urus wheels might seem like a deterrent to comfort and maneuverability to many drivers.

On the contrary, this SUV has been dynamically engineered to adapt to mixed terrain thanks to standard all-wheel drive, standard air suspension, and skilful electronic wheel controls. Active anti-roll bars are not a staple of a Lamborghini, but in this case, they become essential in eliminating lateral bending for optimum stability around corners. The Urus also features the largest carbon-ceramic disc brakes of any production vehicle on the market.

9 Wild color palette options

Lamborghini prides itself on making cars that are unique and unmistakable in every possible way, and their range of color palettes is a testament to that. The brand has revealed its graphite capsule and pearl capsule look packages that include a variety of paintworks to choose from.

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Among these exciting exterior paint options, Arancio Borealis (orange), Giallo Inti (yellow), and Verde Mantis (green) are the most striking and in-demand preferences. Plus, the black trim on the front lip, rear diffuser, roof, and spoiler work fairly well to create a cool contrast that tops the exterior package.

8 Fighter plane internal signals

The Lamborghini Urus oozes exotic vibes throughout the dashboard, complete with combinations of buttons and dials to fiddle with. The Aventador-inspired console and dashboard offer attractive design cues and unique attention to detail, ensuring the Urus’ premium cabin remains unparalleled in its class.

Of all the cool features in the cabin, the ignition switch is definitely the most complicated one. Like the Huracán and Aventador models, Lamborghini designed the start button to hide under a red hood. Additionally, the jet fighter-style transmission adds some drama to the driving experience, complementing the provocative flying theme highlighted inside the cockpit.

7 Fantastic luxury features

The Urus benefits greatly from Lamborghini’s extensive experience building luxury supercars, putting it in the position to be the best super SUV ever. Despite the few Audi-like switches and stems, the Urus still retains the pricey Lamborghini touches throughout.

Strategically placed angled air vents combine across the dashboard and front footwells for optimal climate control, while the electronically adjustable front seats feature massage functions for optimum driving comfort. Rear passengers get cup holders and independent climate control, with optional massage and electronically adjustable seat functions.

6 Next-level infotainment systems

Intuitive dual touchscreens dominate the center stack in the Urus with large icons, crisp graphics, and great haptic feedback. The top screen is the main interface for entertainment and management options such as navigation, media and vehicle status. Control functions such as heating, ventilation and climate are evaluated and adjusted on the lower display.

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The gauge cluster is, of course, digital, with a hexagonal look designed specifically for the Urus. The SUV also offers comprehensive smartphone connectivity, USB access points, Bluetooth streaming, DVD player, TV tuner, and voice control. Additionally, rear passengers are treated to two individual smart screens for entertainment.

5 advanced sound system

Let’s face it; If you own a Lamborghini Urus, you’ll want to ramble to the sounds of your favorite tunes. Although the 2021 Lamborghini Urus was previously offered as an option, it now comes standard with a 1700-watt Bang & Olufsen high-end audio system.

For such a powerful SUV, Lamborghini had to provide an equally powerful audio system to match it. A total of 21 speakers pump sound around the cabin to ensure a true 3D sound experience. Aside from its strength, the design and distinctive shape of the Bang & Olufsen system is so impressive that it has earned recognition from the New York Museum of Modern Art.

4 Customizable interior design

The fast-paced range inside the 2021 Lamborghini Urus reveals an interior that is accentuated by high-quality materials that are soft to the touch. Interior material options include carbon fibre, wood, Alcantara, leather and aluminum that blend seamlessly to bring out the best in Italian craftsmanship.

But that’s not the best part. Interior finishes are customizable in either monochrome or two-tone color schemes to add a unique personal touch. Additionally, there is an option to match the interior colors with the bold Pearl Capsule or Graphite Capsule exterior packages. For the more expressive owners, mixing different interior and exterior color palettes produces overall stunning aesthetics.

3 Advanced driver assistance features

Lamborghini has always been at the forefront of automotive technology. Therefore, the Urus deservedly boasts world-class driver assistance systems. The complete Advanced Driver Assistance System includes Highway Assist, Urban Roadside Assist, Emergency Brake Assist, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, Head-up Display, High Beam Assist, Precognition and Lane Keep Assist.

The package of options is incredible. Equip the Urus with a top-view camera for a 360-degree surround view and your least-favorite trailer coupling mode. On the SAE scale, this SUV offers Level 2 autonomy to control steering, acceleration and deceleration to a limited extent.

2 Impressive process

Although some critics claim the Urus isn’t outrageous enough, its practicality is impressive, considering the Lamborghini is a novice at all-wheel drive matters. The five-door body style allows for two rear seat configurations; Two-seater or three-seater.

The only downside is the limited rear headroom caused by the stepped roofline, although there is enough legroom to accommodate slim passengers. There is a large drawer behind the touch screen, while there are a number of convenient small slots around the cabin. The boot is accessible via an electronic tailgate, and it offers the same 616 liters of storage capacity as the Porsche Cayenne with higher seating.

1 Brutal V8 engine

The Urus may have been surpassed as the world’s fastest SUV for 2021, but a modified Porsche Cayenne Turbo V8 is still a massive speed beast. In fact, Lamborghini estimates a top speed of 189.5 mph. The stunning 641-hp 4.0-liter engine scores all the more familiar Lamborghini offers, rocketing the Urus to 60 mph in an implausible 3.3 seconds.

The ultimate SUV driving experience only gets better with ‘Tamburo’ driving modes that plot with an incredibly smooth eight-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, the Lamborghini Urus has the potential to soften its brutal nature around the urban landscape. The SUV stays cool and vehicley around heavy traffic, making it a great everyday driver with the ability to truly take off on the highway.

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