These Are Our Favorite Features Of The Morgan Plus 8 GTR

The Morgan motor company is a British automotive production icon that was established in the early 19th century. Since its establishment, the company has produced several iconic classic cars which includes the longstanding three-wheelers and Morgan 4-4.

Morgan continued production with the GTR, an incredible sports car in a retro body design that was unveiled sometime in 2021. It is based on the company’s iconic race car from the ’90s – Plus 8 race car – which has been discontinued since 2018. In homage to the Plus 8 race car, Morgan released the first example with a Yas Marina Blue finish.

The Plus 8 GTR was tagged as the most powerful Morgan ever. It holds up this tag quite easily with its new upgraded engine, cannon-style twin-exit sports exhausts, and aerodynamic body.

The 8 Plus line had long been concluded until nine Plus 8 chassis were discovered at the Morgan factory storage at Malvern Link, Worcestershire, where they had been left for so long. Instead of discarding them, the Morgan company recommissioned them. This birthed the Plus 8 GTR, limited to about nine units in total that will ever be made.

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Favorite Features Of The Morgan Plus 8 GTR: Its Potent Mill

The new Morgan Plus 8 GTR has an output of 375 hp instead of the original 360 hp of the last set of Plus 8 cars. It adopts the old 4.8-liter V-sourced engine from BMW N62 V8. However, its massive power output is attributed to the tuning the engine received. With the upgrades, the power output is obviously greater, and the throttle response is better than what was obtainable in the previous Plus 8 models.

Furthermore, the Morgan Plus 8 GTR now has improved suspension, tires, and brakes to work in tandem with its huge power. The engine also received some plates for increased strength with more bracing on the chassis for support. Not only is the Plus 8 GTR a powerful car, but it is also a super sports car that would do well at car races.

We Love The Morgan Plus 8 GTR’s Stunning Body Design

Even though the Plus 8 GTR is an old reinvention, it however features recent technology suitable for a sports car. The rear ends, front wings and front splitters, all made of aluminum, have been revised.

It has five spokes lock wheels typical of the ’90s Plus 8 race cars. It also has a cockpit vent located on its fixed hard top. These upgrades are well suited for typical race cars. It has a beautiful front with retro winged doors and a pair of headlights on its grill.

It features a diffuser at its rear and vent in the hardtop. Typical of racing models. The air vents help to dissipate the massive heat it produces due to the high power it gives off. There are several vents, louvers and grilles at the front to cool the engine. These outlets allow air circulation to the engine, while also making the car more enticing to the eyes.

The Morgan Plus 8 GTR Has A Stylish Interior With Lovely Unique Features

The head of design for the Morgan company, Jonathan Wells, stated that the new Plus 8 GTR features new designs that were not added when the Plus 8 was still in production, especially its interior designs.

There are door cards, GTR dials that are unique to each model, and a plaque to indicate each model’s production sequence.

Notably, you won’t get to feel the modern vehicle’s aura within the car, since it’s a vintage luxury car with old-time controls and gauges on the dashboard. These analog gadgets on the dashboard remain timeless.

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The Morgan Plus 8 GTR Is Lightweight With More Unique Features

The Morgan Plus 8 GTR does not carry any unnecessary weight. Even its chassis is made of aluminum rather than steel that was previously used in older Morgan Plus 8s. The rear structure is made with some ash frames. It has carbon Fiber seats with trimmed doors. All other parts of the interior: the dashboard, seat inserts, and gear tunnel are all made with minimalistic, but exquisite leather.

There was no need for a spare wheel at the rear ends with the inclusion of a head that now enhances the drag. The absent spare wheel at the back created space for a new set of rear light designs close to the hardtop. Also, buyers can choose between a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The new Plus 8 GTR features optional carbon fiber seats and a racing harness. These options are suitable for racing enthusiasts.

Another important advantage of this vehicle is the fact that customers get to pick whatever color they want as well as the vehicle’s interior trim. Hence, it would be impossible for two models to look exactly the same. Additionally, the customers can request either a left or a right-hand drive.

The limited production unit, comfy interior, and great engine, all in a quaint exterior, makes this to be such an incredible race car.

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