The upcoming 2022 BMW X1 SUV spotted in Germany

The BMW X1 is currently one of the oldest models still in production in the Bavarian automaker’s production line. It was originally revealed in 2015, and along with cars like the MINI Countryman, it’s still in production today, heading toward the end of the line. The replacement BMW in the store will be a more sophisticated machine but also aims to be a radical upgrade over the previous model. According to our sources, the X1 will get an all-electric model and will very likely wear the iX1 badge on the tailgate.

This will be the premiere of the X1 range, as a purely electric model has not yet been presented. The video below suggests that we’re looking at a prototype of the upcoming model but we have some reservations about whether this is really the electric X1 everyone has been waiting for. The biggest gift is that there is no visible sticker on it, announcing to the world that the car hiding under that heavy camouflage is electric.

The law in Germany states that electric prototypes must wear such labels in visible places for safety reasons. In the event of an accident, for example, and emergency services have to get you out quickly, they need to know if there is a high-voltage battery inside the car, to make sure everyone is walking safely. Furthermore, the front end of the car appears to have some very large, very open grilles that would be needed in order to cool an internal combustion engine possibly hiding behind them. In an electric car, these grilles will definitely be closed to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

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Image source: wilcoblok on Instagram

However, this prototype shows that the upcoming X1 will have a completely different look compared to the previous model. We can clearly see that the headlights have a different shape than the Corona rings and that the taillights also have a different overall shape. The door handles are also sunk into the doors for a better streamlined look, which certainly hints at the advent of an electric model.

There has been a lot of talk about the future of the BMW iX1 and it certainly is. It will come with the latest features that BMW has to offer, including the latest driving assistance technologies. In fact, while there are no “electric test vehicle” stickers, we can’t ignore the stickers already on the car, highlighting the self-driving features on which they are being tested. Another clue in this regard is the massive radar hidden between the front grilles, and this is larger than usual.

Production of the highly anticipated BMW X1 is scheduled to begin in July next year. It will use the same motors already available on the new 2 Series Active Tourer and will add electric motors to the roster on the iX1 versions. Initially, according to our sources, the iX1 will be available in two forms: eDrive20 (FWD) and xDrive30 (AWD). Specifications and battery sizes will be revealed at a later time.

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