The NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins enhance the fan experience with smart camera apps from Azena

The apps provide heat mapping analytics, queue discovery, and POS data integration to maximize the game day experience for fans and stadium management.

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            <p><b><span lang="en">Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania </span></b><span lang="en">Azena announced June 16 that Pittsburgh Penguins, a National Hockey League franchise, is testing the Azena smart camera platform to explore ways to improve operational efficiencies across the team's main venue, the PPG Paints Arena.  The Penguins hope to simplify wait times in busy game days franchise situations in real time and take advantage of improved retail analytics in fan stores to increase retail sales in the arena. 
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The Azena smart camera operating platform integrates with existing video surveillance systems and provides ready-to-use AI-enhanced video analytics applications designed to run simultaneously directly on the camera and can be easily changed based on needs, as in a smartphone.

The upcoming implementation by Penguins is part of a growing trend in the sports and entertainment venues market to enhance the fan experience by leveraging video and data analytics and Internet of Things technology to add value to the spectator’s journey, while ensuring security at the same time.

“The Pittsburgh Penguins are very excited to see the benefits of Azena analytics in action,” said Eric Watts, chief technology officer of Pittsburgh Penguins.

Using Azena queue detection apps on Azena partner Vivotek’s smart cameras, the cameras can be used to detect lines at food and beverage kiosks as they are being formed and notify employees to instantly increase staff at busy checkouts, reduce congestion and increase sales. Penguins can use data collected by a queue analytics app to help simplify an already installed mobile-based touchless ordering system, which estimates waiting time, directs fans to the kiosk where their order is ready, and integrates with point-of-sale systems to remove an order from a list wait.

These analytics have the potential to improve the daily game experience in real time, but also over time, as data can identify trends in overall traffic on specific days, or times of the day, enabling management to improve staffing with actionable insights.

“Smart cameras, like those running on the Azena platform, make arena experiences and event venues more enjoyable and safer for both fans and employees,” said Andrew Seymour, Director of Business Development at Azena. “The leading analytics provided by applications available on the Azena platform has the potential to transform the game day experience.”

Leverage insights into retail locations to increase headcount

Arena retail managers seek to leverage Azena’s smart camera technology to drive sales at the team’s retail store at PPG Paints Arena. Cameras can analyze the popularity of certain offerings using heat maps and enable employees to better position merchandise within the store. This technology also helps in-ring retail operations to make more informed decisions about staffing and inventory as the analytics identifies patterns in customer store traffic and purchasing behaviour.

Learn more about Azena, the App Store, and the benefits of its platform here:

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