The new owner will help Wrens factory diversify its production line

For the first time since the sharp plunge in crude oil prices caused the support materials market to plummet in 2015, USC is launching its kilns, hiring a variety of new positions and hoping to have its second line up and running by September.

Wrens, Ga. plant was purchased. , formerly known as PyraMax and more recently as Imerys, by First Bauxite LLC (FBX), an acquisition that will allow the plant to expand its production lines to include a full range of trusses for sale to the domestic and international markets, as well as several new products that will use materials for the highest grade of bauxite reserve Non-metallic in Guyana.

“The acquisition will also allow USC to intervene in other market segments such as refractories, flame retardants and chemicals that can take advantage of the special properties of FBX low impurity bauxite,” said Thibault van Stratum, CEO of FBX.

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