The new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT track series is the pinnacle of the rush

How cool is the new one? Mercedes Benz AMG GT Track Series, and how cool is it to drive on the track and experience it?

Shmee150’s YouTube channel, run by supercar dreamer Tim, tested the same to allow his fans to gain insight into this ultimate test.

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Highlights: Experience the new AMG GT Track Series race car

Tim is at the Paul Ricard F1 circuit in France, for a first drive in the exclusive super track weapon, the AMG GT Track Series, which is based on the AMG GT Black Series.

The AMG GT Track Series is a limited series of only 55 models, launched to celebrate the 55th anniversary of AMG, founded in 1967.

While Tim of Shmee150 offers the AMG GT Track Series, he does so with respect for the car’s design, while also keeping in mind the experience he expects.

The track chain name is a harbinger of things to come, of a car that is a beast of the track but doesn’t need homologation on the road – it has more power, more aerodynamics, and is simply “more” than everything on the track, resulting in the ultimate thrill.

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The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Track Series will amaze you: literally

The 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine produces 734 horsepower in a car that weighs just 1,400 kilograms, making it, Tim says, “the everyday racing game.”

Tim says it has “more power, less weight, adjustable setup, full track specs, slick tires…it’s a recipe for making a great machine on the racetrack, and believe me, it doesn’t disappoint.”

He covers all aspects of the car, from giving you a ride to drive around to handling the interior, and then finally takes the car to prove its power on the track itself – taking every turn and rosy top in his narration, telling the audience how capable the car is, and how powerful the deception is, too.

At the end of it, he’s almost speechless, saying that the experience was definitely “out of this world” even though he’s driven several GT cars before; All we can say is that he is a lucky guy and his fans seem to be experiencing the excitement indirectly.

As one audience member said, “Man, the content takes you to a place where you experience things you know you never will be able to go, and yet you are there through Tim’s eyes and ears. I am 73 years old and enjoy every minute of your journey. Thank you.” ”

Source: Shmee150 . YouTube channel

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